Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Evans Head

Some things never last, good weather being one of them. The last two days have been overcast and threatening to rain and then the strong wind comes in, as usual, in the afternoon.

But I have managed to fit in some good walks and rides. Evans Head has good shared paths around town that take in the best and most picturesque areas on offer. I've become attached to the area and after 5 mornings am on nodding terms with the 6am walkers around the river.  I wonder if they will wonder where I am after tomorrow morning? Not likely. Paddling in the river is good as well. But checking the tide tables is well advised unless ever changing scenery is non issue for you, when you paddle.

It appears my goods are ready for pick up in Ballina. So some back tracking and a chance to do a major provision before looping further south.

click on an image to enlarge
A nice ~5km walk each morning.

Have you ever wondered how then filled those bags.