Thursday, July 31, 2014

Blackwood National Park

Blackwood NP a great stop for a cuppa, walk or overnight camp.  Travelling up or down the Gregory Dev Hwy its about 180km south of Charters Towers.  You need to keep a sharp lookout as its easily overlooked, maybe a benefit?  There are no facilities whatsoever so its well suited to the freedom camper.

Blackwood National Park

About 180km south of Charters Towers

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Innisfail and all places south.

Time has come the walrus said to speak of many things...  No actually its time to turn around and head south. Didn't quite make 16south, more like 16.5 south at Gordonvale but thats OK

Stopped one night in Innisfail at the wharf car park, OK for one night and did some provisioning next morning before heading for Murray Falls NP.

Murray Falls has a big campground and the sound of the water cascading over the falls was ever present, really nice, some good viewing platforms and walking paths make it a great stop over.

On to Cardwell CP, no pie this time, then Paluma NP and Big Crystal Creek a night at each.  Dumped and provisioned in Townsville and had the urge to keep going on to Reid River.  Charters Towers in the morning walking about rubbernecking then south on the Gregory Dev Hwy to Cape River rest area for a night.  OK for the night but the smell of baking road kill prevailed most of the time, yuk!
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Murray Falls.  note the swimmers.
Murray Falls walkway to the falls viewing platforms
Murray Falls spacious campground

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Wooroonooran NP and Lake Tiraroo

Gillies Hwy.  Not done that before! 19km of steadily climbing, winding road with magnificent views back to Gordonvale and the Goldsborough Valley NP where we had stayed for two nights.

Had some concerns about getting Dora into the camping area at Goldsborough as it was hard to get definitive information regarding the road and tropical overhang but we made it with the roof intact.  Lovely spot, worth the drive.  Stayed two nights and did some easy walking and difficult bike riding, very nice. 

On to Lake Tinaroo for three nights stopping off at Yungaburra along the way, interesting town.  Met up with some work mates/friends from yesteryear at Tinaroo, Dave and Deb, Ron and some new friends Martin and Sue.  Did some bushwalking and had a pleasant time shooting the breeze and reminiscing around the fire.

Headed back to Innisfail via Millaa Millaa in the rain.  Had a good tour of some good national parks and campgrounds.

Notes to self:
I like camping in National Parks.
I like good company.
Going up the Gillies is good but going down would cook the brakes.

 Goldsborough camp
 The Gillies look back to Gordonvale
Bushwalking with friends

Innisfail, out and about.

Arrived at Innisfail River Drive CP on Sunday and booked in for a week, you get a discount when staying 7 days or more.  I like this park for its amenities, river view and closeness to town but the road can be a bit noisy.  The town has most everything you may need.

Caught up with my bicycle buddy and planned a tour of nearby national parks for the following week as well as a day tour or two around the Innisfail area.

We rode out to Ella Bay then back to have lunch at Flying Fish Point.  A nice scenic ride with light traffic and only a couple of hills.  It was overcast and there were showers about but managed to stayed dry.  An outing in the car later in the week to Etty Bay, Mena Creek, Paronella Park and South Johnson was very pleasant.

On Saturday I rode out to Wangan and the Innisfail airfield.  Watch some sky drivers and cane cutting.  Rode back with a tail wind, always nice.

Getting ready to hit the road again, tomorrow.

 Etta Bay
Cane Harvesting
Cane Train

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Cardwell and Kurrimine Beach

Stopped at Cardwell CP again and rode into town and the bike path along the foreshore.  Had one of Jesse's pies along the way.  Tradition, almost anyway.  Two nights and on to Kurrimine Beach where I was sandwiched into the overflow area with nearly 20 others, not nice.  Still school hols don't you know!  New caretaker, plenty of enthusiasm, bagging the previous guy.  Give him a season and then we'll see.  Had 15mins to spare so rode around town.  Walked the beach.  Not much going on fishing wise.  Not much going on.

Cardwell looking to Hinchinbrook Island
 Kurrimine Beach early morning
Kurrimine Beach Pelicans waiting for fish scraps

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Paluma NP - Paradise Pool

Back at Paluma National Park, love this spot.  A bit busy at the moment school hols don't you know.  Took some pics at the Paradise Pool in the early AM before all the humans disturbed the P&Q.  Put up the 900meg directional antenna and have the internet.  No need to go anywhere now.

 One of the locals at Paradise Pool
Clear water in the early morning.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Townsville, time to go.

Still here at Ross River Dam a week after the Rally has ended, have to be out tomorrow. Been riding around town on the push bike and sometimes riding the bus into town. I'm ready to leave having been in the area for nearly 4 weeks now.  I like Townsville and am continually amazed at the amount and quality of the public infrastructure. 
In my travels I found an Indian grocer and stocked up on spices and brought bits for my bike.  Heading north after provisioning and buying more bike bits.

Ross River the bike paths are excellent. 
 Public swimming pool
Public swimming pool