Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bulli - Yarrawonga - Tocumwal

Yep on the 8th of February some mangy bastard stole my bike in the middle of the night at Bulli CP.  Worst part is they half woke me, giggling kids.  :/  Had done a lot of kms on that bike and was somewhat attached, but not anymore.  Got the train to Sydney and the ferry to Manly and brought a new bike an ebike, Promovac Stream designed in Denmark and made in Sth Korea, should do the job.  Brought a good lock as well.  Then back, ferry, train and Bulli.

Been too much rain here still overcast.  So packed up and headed off west across the range again.  Drove till mid arvo and stopped at Jugiong.  Checking the BOM site looks like I did the right thing, heavy rain in Sydney and Wollongong, clear sky here, yeh!

Drove to Albury for lunch and a ride around town then off to Yarrawonga. Did some shopping refuelled Dora then set up a Kyffins Res. Very dusty might have to be a CP tomorrow. Weather improved. Rode around town and out to the hardware store after breakfast at the cafe by the bridge, nice. Booked into a local CP down by the river, ok, nothing special one night will do I think. Brought some panniers for the bike at a local bike shop, $70, nice.

On to Barooga and Cottadiddi Res, love this spot, grass right to the Murray river and nice beach just a 10km bike ride into Cobram and the supermarket, nice. Stayed several days.

Barooga to Tocumwal Clear sky cool, should be a good day. Drove to Tocumwal beach camp and set up probably for a few days.

Went riding and ended up at the airfield and came across glider flights. Anyway went for a fly with Eddie Madden, a possible relative, for about 45 mins, great experience. Taxied out to the glider in the tow plane before settling in the front of the glider and being towed into the air. We climbed to about 2000 ft before releasing the tow and climbing a further 1000 ft in a tight continuous turn. Eddie then turned the controls over to me and I attempted to continue to gain altitude. But alas I was having difficulty just staying level so a few turns and a bit of sightseeing before handing back control to Eddie for final approach and landing. After my experience flying models I thought I would have a better sense of the attitude of the aircraft but it was not so, Eddie suggested it comes with practice and experience, of course I knew that.

Stopped in at a local pub in the back streets of Toc and had a few beers and a few laughs with the locals before getting home to Dora. Met John, Ronda and Judy for happy hour, fellow travellers.
My new bike
Up Up and away

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Narrandera - Warrnambool - Wollongong

Got the motorhome air con serviced, just needed re-gassing, at Russell Auto in Leeton.

Lunch at Jerilderie and coffee at Conargo. Before stopping at Aysons Res north of Elmore on the Campaspe River. Love this spot, grass, shade and virtually no riverbank lovely. Had a quiet night by the river. Overcast morning but no wind. Bypassed Bendigo via Bridgewater then down to Avoca. Booked in for three nights at the Avoca CP and had dinner with Les and Hannah and spent the time riding and driving to the local wineries, nice.

Early start headed south to Warrnambool via Ararat and had lunch at Mortlake. Turned into a windy day northerly, good as I was going south. Booked into Surfside CP for two nights as its going to be high 30s tomorrow might need the AC. Rode around town and walked the beach.

Time to move on going to start heading north via Colac. Stopped at Camperdown for coffee at 11am still overcast and about 18. Made it to Lake Colac by lunch and setup at Meredith Park free camp on the north side of the lake, nice. Met some fellow travellers had a good night.

Stopped for lunch at Elmore and did some shopping at Echuca then dumped at Mathoura before stopping at Conargo for a cold drink. The pubs air conditioning was broken and it was uncomfortable with a hot dry wind blowing thru and flatening the beer. The new publican is a bit of a case as well, so I went on to Jerilderie and stayed at the caravan park there.

Back to Narrandera and Sand Pump beach for Rods surprize 50th birthday shindig down by the river. Turned out a good night about 70 people and a good time had by all. Rod had no idea, a real hoot.

The weather has turned ordinary so the coast seemed a good idea. Sutton West, Binalong, Windang. Australia Day at the club at Windang where I won a prawn tray. Shellharbour riding around then on to Bulli CP where I intend catching up with Brad.

Did some bike riding along the coast.

Aysons Res north of Elmore on the Campaspe River

Not all in one sitting!
Sea Cliff Bridge