Monday, February 7, 2022


Following the Murrumbidgee upstream to Gundagai.

I have been here before, its a good free camp and close to the centre of town, so why not. From Wantabadgery its a nice country drive then closer to Gundagai the road is right beside and overlooks the Murrumbidgee river. Duck under the Hume highway bypass and there you are, right in town.

Walked the main and about town then up the hill behind the main street and down to the old railway station. Checking out the rail levellings, tracks long gone, and condemned bridge. The rail bridge is the longest timber truss bridge in Australia at 809m.

Got a nice spot to camp and will be comfortable tonight even with a lot more neighbours. Just shade and grass tonight but that's all I need. The temperature overnight will get down to ~10deg, cool for February I'm thinking, then mid 20s during the day.

The Murrumbidgee 
river span and back.

Rail cutting - well was once.

809 meters long

Over Morleys Creek

My camp looking across
 Morleys creek from town.

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Adelong - Wantabadgery

Been back at Adelong for a few days. Now decided to do some touring.

Driving country roads can be very relaxing. I'm avoiding the Hume Highway and pretty much following the Murrumbidgee River, taking back country roads.

Along the way I answer a phone call. Good timing as I'm approaching a river crossing with an area to pull over. Sitting there talking to a mate it occurs to me that I haven't seen another car in a long time. I've been cruising at about 75k/h enjoying the view, just wandering along.

Stopping at Sandy Beach on the river at Wantabadgery will do for tonight. Well Sandy Beach is not so sandy at the moment as the river is running high and the normal bank is under water. It's been hot today and I'm able to swim and cool off.

Sandy Beach reserve Wantabadgery is in the Junee Shire and it's obvious the council looks after the area. It's a great free camp with plenty of open space, shady trees and lush grass. Also drop toilet facilities, picnic shelters, non potable tap water and a boat ramp.

It's very quiet here except at dusk when large flocks of Little Corellas are getting ready to roost. 

Got this bit all to myself.

And the other way tonight's neighbours.

Murrumbidgee running wide and fast.

Junee Shire billboard.

Wantabadgery street art.