Sunday, December 26, 2021

Adelong and Tumut

Back in Adelong to do a farm sit, looking after a dog and some sheep. But able to get away overnight or on day trips to tour and camp nearby.

Very pretty around here at the moment as the season has been good with plenty of rain and lower than usual temperatures. More green than is usual at this time of the year.

The Tumut river is running fast from the Blowering dam. There has been a steady stream of ski boats on the highway from Wagga Wagga going to the dam but as yet I haven't ventured up there. Expecting it will crowded with holiday makers as it usually is over Xmas and new year.

The town of Tumut has a Coles, Woollies, Kmart and vibrant main street and is ideal for provisioning, having most everything the traveller might need. Then a short drive out of town to Jones Bridge free camp on the Tumut River, for the night or just the day, nice. It was not crowded when I stopped there. 

The Tumut River at Jones Bridge.
The Tumut River at Jones Bridge.

Thursday, December 9, 2021

Barnawartha- VIC

Spent a couple of industrious weeks with family in Adelong helping out around the place mowing lawns and doing general maintenance. Cold at night. Ordered a diesel heater on-line and had fun installing it. Also replaced the 2xAGM house batteries. Stayed busy.

After two weeks being stationary it was a good time to head off for a road trip further south to visit friends in Victoria.

Barnawartha VIC. The border town is just south of the Murray River and about 200km from Adelong and 15km from Albury/Wodonga. It's an easy drive down the M31 bypassing Tarcutta but pulling into Holbrook and the renowned bakery for a meat pie for lunch. Nice town, good pies. The rest stop park in Holbrook features the HMAS Otway_ (S 59) an Oberon-class  submarine.

Unusual place to find a ocean going vessel of any kind. The rest stop and bakery are well worth the short detour of the highway and have become a popular stop for many travellers.

At Barnawartha replacing a sheep ring-lock fence was the order of the day. Actually took a couple of days and a corner post still needs to be put in. The original was eaten out by ants at ground level. The new post will out last all of us. Just need to get it in the ground.

Being a border dweller is not without it's challenges the locals were telling me. A lot of their services, schools, doctors, medical specialists, hospitals and even regular stuff like hardware suppliers are over the river, in NSW. When in lock-down getting there can take hours instead of minuets.

It was knocked over with the mower.
The hard part is getting it all out.

Ready for the ring-lock.

The easy bit.
The hard bit-
How to get it in the hole with no mechanical help?