Saturday, April 1, 2017

Cassilis Woolshed - week 5 stats

A born and bred local took a group of us on a tour of the Cassilis Woolshed. This shed was built about 1850 and the craftsmanship is amazing. It's hard to imagine how horse and dray could be the main tools to erect this high-roofed structure. Because of the type of soil in the area, the shed has no foundations and sit on top of the ground. Plenty of timber wedges allow for the soil movement but it would have been like building a boat. Construction without a firm footing? An interesting building with interesting history. As the shed is back from the road a couple of kms, like Dalkeith, it's not a tourist destination and we were privileged to have the guided tour.

Unfortunately not much is on-line and the history of the construction, and who designed and oversaw the project, was lost (and is contentious) due to a homestead fire many years ago.

Week 5 stats.

129 - Volunteers
10(-1) - going out atm
41 - Properties
714 - FTE days
95km - cleared
45km - new fence