Saturday, September 27, 2014

Casino - Kyogle

Stopped in Casino at the CMCA village resort for a bit. Peter and Francis, last seen at Crooked Creek, turned up next day. Met Mike and Di as well. Di was telling me about a town called Tingha about 25km south east of Inverell NSW. She loved it and the CP there. I've been through Inverell lots of times, might detour next time.

Not much to see or do at Casino but used the time walking into and around town via the river or riding the bike.

Moved on to Kyogle at the recommendation of power company linesman I met back at Mallanganee. Nice town, interesting. I had intended staying at the showgrounds but its showtime here in Kyogle. Let me tell you if you've been to one country show you've been to them all. Had a look all the same and yes it was, all the same.

When there's nothing interesting to photograph I can always revert to pub shots.

Commercial Hotel - Casino

Cecil Hotel - Casino (that name rings a faint bell?)

Showtime - Kyogle (love the building!)

Exchange Hotel - Kyogle

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Crooked Creek and Mallanganee Lookout

Headed off from Texas along the Bruxner Hwy and overran the turn off to my first choice camp site the other side of Tenterfield. Couldn't turn around so 'On On' to Crooked Creek which turned out to be a good choice anyway. A steep decent into the area, as described, but when I saw a caravan and a motor home down there my concern evaporated. Had a walk about and met the fellow campers, neighbours for tonight. Shared a campfire and some travel stories before some light rain put an end to being outside.

Next day on to Mallanganee Lookout. Not a designated camp spot as such but works for me, nice view. I can see for miles and miles. No problem with Telstra reception when you are parked under the tower.                                  click on an image to enlarge

Crooked Creek rest area

Mallanganee Lookout - dawn.

Mallanganee looking west at the fog - dawn.

Mallanganee looking north west - dawn.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Dumaresq River and Texas

Stopped in Goondiwindi to provision before pulling into Lee Reserve on the Dumaresq River 25km east of Goondi. I had a good night in a large camping area with just one caravan then early next morning was contemplating staying another night or two when camper trailers arrived in large pools of dust and started to set up right next to me. Around me in fact. All this space and they want my spot? School holidays don't you know! There goes the P&Q.

Turned out to be for the best as I enjoyed a picturesque drive along the river looking at the cotton and large center pivot irrigators in action. And that reminded me of the lyrics of a song: Old Black Joe's still pickin' cotton. A quick photo, find the track on the stereo and turn it up loud and continue on to Texas. I probably 
got one of the best and private sites here at Les Myers reserve with a view of the near empty river and better still TV tonight, NRL finals, yo!                     click on an image to enlarge
Lee Reserve - Sunrise before the camper trailers 

Lee Res. Dumaresq River - NSW over there


Dumaresq River - Texas

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Boomi and where to from here?

Been at Boomi, the artesian bore baths, for the last 2 days and working on the dilemma, which way next, till the light bulb came on just now. Sorry no photos from me. But click the link to find out more about the Boomi pools as I was reluctant to be seen with a camera pool side. The local pub, the Pioneer Hotel, just a block or two down the main I found to be cheerful and the locals are a real hoot. This couldn't happen every night could it?

The plan: Goondiwindi for provisions then the Bruxner Hwy to Casino and either inland via the Summerland Way, north to Kyogle or south toward Grafton or of course there is Lismore and the coast. Options are good. I remember talking with Chook and Deb about the Casino area and the fact that to date I haven't done east of Texas, or more correctly Bonshaw, on the Bruxner.

Its always good to be going somewhere, especially somewhere new. Is this excitement... nah, I don't think so.

Monday, September 15, 2014


Arrived at The Nindigully Pub and set up camp by the Moonie River a nice spot for a stopover. Had a few beers in the bar and watched the Storm go down to the Bulldogs. 

Decided to stop a couple of nights. Its a nice place to camp. Really popular with the caravan crowd? Only two houses in town so the tourists probably keep the pub open. They serve the biggest hamburger I've ever seen. The leftover after 4 big Aussies attacked one was a meal in its self. No pub dog or chooks about I wonder where the scraps go?
The Pub est. 1864

The bar

Cobb & Co was probably last over this bridge

The camp site on the Moonie River

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Surat and St George

On the Balonne River the township of Surat was a bit of a surprise being neat and tidy with excellent walking and riding paths along the river.  The camp spot just north of town was also well maintained.  The pub was a let down being the (not so) New Royal Hotel.  Looked really grubby inside.  No care, no character, just a booze barn.  Ended up listening to the Australia v Argentina game on the radio, at home with Dora. Just one night here before heading down to St George.  

St George also on the Balonne River is a nicely maintained town.  I was surprised at the size of the river and volume of water.  Nice to see the IGA open on a Sunday, unlike Roma. Four pubs in town. Must of been a town with prospects at some point.  Stopped just long enough to walk the streets, take few photos and provision before heading out of town to the south east. 

Surat catering to the tourists

Surat unusual architecture

Balonne River St George and yes that's a Dragon boat

Australian Hotel St George expensive building for this town.
A sign of good times somewhere in the past.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Meandarra and Glenmorgan Surat Dev Hwy

On to Meandarra on the banks of the Brigalow Creek.  Been here a few times.  Staying a couple of days to do the housework, laundry and relax.  No TV, only Radio National, so the stereo is getting a workout.  Good Internet speed so some Internet radio till...

Well you've got to expect it to happen at some point, even plan for it, test for it, but you are never really ready for it when it does happen. And expect it to happen at a moment of critical need, well that's what I used to tell my clients anyway. Yes folks my smartphone is now a brick. Life without a semi permanent connection to the outside world in my back pocket, not sure about that?

Glenmorgan is a tiny town on the Surat Dev Hwy, pub and general store and well worth stopping for a poke around.  There's an old workshop set up as a museum and enthusiasts could probably spend hours here.  Good spot for an overnight as well as it has facilities with power for a donation.

Need to start coordinating my travel with TV reception to watch the NRL finals. Pub tonight, Rabbitohs v Manly then move on tomorrow and probably a pub tomorrow night to watch Australia v Argentina some place else. Not a lot of free-to-air reception out here.

Camped at Meandarra on the banks of the Brigalow Creek

Meandarra Pub - no Souths or Manly support here! Just me?

Glenmorgan - its like stepping back in time.

Lots to see for the car enthusiast

Monday, September 8, 2014

Blackbutt and Oakey Creek

Cloudy, some light rain overnight. Packed up and headed off from Linville stopping at Blackbutt for a coffee and to check out the rail trail from the other end. Talked with a couple, Ted and Tina, taking a photo before riding down the trail to Linville, Moore and return. Just 60km for the day and they looked many years older than me (but not much older than their bikes).  That makes me feel really good, NOT!  Think I should of ridden all the way yesterday rather than squibbing because it looked like rain.

Did some provisioning at Yarraman before stopping for the night on the banks of Oakey Creek about 30km south east of Dalby. A nice spot.

Oakey Creek

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Brisbane Valley Rail Trail - Moore to Linville

Stopped at Linville for the night and for a ride on the next to last section of the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail Linville to Moore and back just 15km return and except for the creek crossings, where the rail bridges have been removed, was quite an easy ride.

Had a few beers in the Linville pub, a typical Queenslander, with lining boards only on the inside of the frame.  Love these old pubs!

Sunday rode the other way towards Blackbutt and had gone several kms before I realized I was on a steady uphill gradient.  Climbed about 100m in 6km so made for an effortless ride back home.  The overall length of this section to Blackbutt is 22km but I only did 6km before returning.

A nice ride would be to set up camp in Linville and then have the bikes freighted to Blackbutt and ride back. Probably mostly downhill the trail weaving through valleys with no roads or cars just cows and magnificent views.

 Click an image to enlarge.
The Linville to Moore section
Linville to Blackbutt
The View towards Blackbutt
Linville Hotel

Friday, September 5, 2014

Maleny and the Glass House Mountains

Stopped at Mary Cairncross Reserve, en-route to Maleny, taking in a magnificent view of the Glass House Mountains National Park.  Then on to the Maleny showgrounds for the night.  Walk into town along the banks of the Obi Obi River over a bridge and along a boardwalk, tropical and picturesque and ends right in the shopping precinct of Maleny.

Glass House Mountains
Boardwalk along the Obi Obi creek

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Cotton Tree Departure

Thought for the day:  The euphoric anticipation of departure is somewhat tempered by the ugly reality of having to pack.

But after 30 days in the one spot its more than time to make tracks again, as much as I love Cotton Tree.  The plan is to tour the hinterland behind Maroochydore, in and around Conondale National Park, and take in the 3Ms Mapleton, Montville and Maleny before heading west.  I visited the small town and district of Eerwah Vale to meet with travel, camp spot and road condition consultant Chook, who outlined the best places to go.  So all that remains is to load the MH and do it.
click on an image to enlarge
New day coming