The Escape Module

My Motorhome


Winnebago Explorer 2784. (27' long 8'4'' wide 11'6" high)
An A-Class coach chassis (Chev Workhorse) motorhome of ~8250kg

The Coach Chassis

Chev 6.5ltr V8 turbo diesel
Diesel fuel tank of 230lts about 1000km in total (averaged consumption 20.1 ltr/100km)

Internal Layout

A-Class layout being about 8.7m x 2.5m x 2m internal dimensions licenced to carry 4 passengers.  (A-Class means a forward control vehicle uniform in shape from front to back purpose built as a motorhome. As against the more common truck chassis conversion C-Class having a bed over cab type construction or B-Class being a modified Bus)

Fridge 2 door 120ltr (gas - 240v - 12v)
Stove 4 burner gas grill and oven
Microwave & convection oven (1000w)
Roof mounted ducted air conditioner (heating and cooling)
Hot water system of 22ltr (gas or 240v)
2 seat dinette (fold down table when in travel mode)
3 seat couch (fold down double bed)
1 fold down double bed (office work station when in day mode)
Bathroom having shower, toilet and basin located at the rear of the vehicle


Fresh water 150ltr
Drinking water 150ltr
Grey water 150ltr
Black water 120ltr

The fresh and drinking water tanks each have separate pumps and gate valves that permit drawing water individually, combined or from one of the two tanks.  Drinking water is exclusively town water.  The fresh water tank used mostly for the shower, kitchen sink or toilet and is sometime filled from a river.


2 x 105ah lead acid 12v batteries for the coach chassis and cranking the engine
2 x 120ah deep cycle AGM batteries store and provide power for lighting and electronics
2 x 80w solar panels mounted on the roof provide charging power when the sun shines
1 x 2000w/60a inverter/charger provide 240v from 12v for whatever and in charger mode can provide up to 60a @ 14.5v to charge the batteries from town power or the generator.
1 x 5kva diesel generator mounted in a rear external bin provides adequate power for all power needs and the vehicle alternator charges the batteries both chassis and house when the main engine is running