Sunday, September 29, 2019

Steam Power - Albury Wodonga

Isn't it true that almost everyone has a fascination with steam power? Trains usually, but for me, its paddle steamers or even steam-powered boats. So there is no way known I'm knocking back an offer to go chugging on the Murray River at Wodonga. Packing a picnic lunch and heading upstream to a shady spot on the river bank.

The advantage of steam power is there is always hot water available for a cuppa.

Blowing off steam.
It's complicated to operate.
Yep plenty of steam.

Sunday, September 8, 2019

South to Narrandera

Its time to get back on the road. Time to look at the leftovers from my previous life. Yep, after nine years I feel the need to streamline. Two containers, on a hectare of land, in Narrandera are storing stuff I no longer need. Land I no longer have a use for. Clean-up time!

So after lots of preparatory work me and the old girl are on the road again. Heading south. Yippie!