Saturday, April 4, 2020

Bird of Prey

Wow, how things have changed in a month - COVID-19, but hey life goes on.

The MH is in the workshop with no indication of exactly when she will be ready for the road again. But as things stand there is no hurry.

So yep I'm in lock-down like the rest of the nation - pleased not to have found myself on the road at this time. I'm able to get out for exercise, bike riding and Stand-up Paddling are my preference. The weather here has been pretty good of late for both.

My accommodation here in Cotton Tree comes with a roof garden giving me a bit extra space to hang out in. It's complete with pergola and shade sails and I have a $20 inflatable swimming pool for when it gets really hot.

Of late I've noticed I've got a freeloader perching on a corner of the pergola keeping an eye out for fish in the river. This bird of prey seems not to worry when I walk past or stop to take a photo from just a few feet away and I feel privileged to be able to be this close.

I added an extension to his perch so his poops go over the side


Not everyone is happy Ol' Mate is here!