Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Diddillibah to Nambour HW Rally

Dora was ready just after Easter April 24th I picked her up and we drove to Diddillibah where she was stored for 2 weeks.  Rod at R+T did a fantastic job doing a lot of extra stuff he could of glossed over.  A truly great job, I highly recommend him.
I spent a further two weeks in the Eight2 unit SUPping some mornings and walking as usual.  I was intending to stay a month but cabin fever set in with a change in the weather.  So I registered for Nambour and headed off.
Did my usual thing of limited socializing and manage to fit the outside light/bluetooth speaker and a new mixer tap for the sink.  Stayed at Nambour Rally site from the 8th till the 14th of May and also donated blood at the Red Cross Blood Bank, for the first time.  After the rally headed north, just a bit, to Kenilworth.  Weather still an issue lots of rain showers.
 Nambour Showgrounds
Kenilworth Pub