Friday, November 27, 2015

You have mail.

If buildings define a town, the style, the period, the architecture. We are talking the older ones not modern boring boxes built nowadays. Buildings with style and flair. Public buildings, post offices, town halls, libraries and pubs. That's what makes a town memorable and discernible from the next one. Well for me anyway.

But what defines a street within a town? Street art? Mm maybe? Check out these letterboxes sitting proud out front of their houses, in their streets.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Mt Coolum.

It's a 20min drive from Cotton Tree to Mt Coolum, before seven in the morning it's smooth and uneventful. Car park is all but full, one spot for me to park, now that's nice; don't want to have to walk too far to get to the walk.

Mt Coolum is a circular volcanic dome a bit over 200m high. It's a very popular hike, especially after the Parks people fixed the track with lots of steps and rock base to stop erosion. This morning it's busy, I've seen far worse, and it's already hot in the sun but there is a cool breeze from time to time. Being as close as it is from Cotton Tree I've done this hike quite a few times and am always looking to improve on my best time. Hikers are evenly spread along the track, mostly females, mostly young, and no kids, that's a bonus. I overtake a few. No one overtakes me, phew!

The view from the summit is always good. Sometimes you get to see whales swimming south just a few kms off shore, but not this morning. Weathers not the best for a photo, but at least it's not blowing a gale.

Mt Coolum in the distance as seen from out front of my MH.

No whale spotting this morning.