Friday, January 1, 2021

The Bug

Over seven months in one place, staying in bricks and mortar, well that's not been achieved since hitting the road full time, leaving Narrandera back in March 2010. Usually, a long stay for me would be coming back to Cotton Tree for the annual Certificate of Inspection required for heavy vehicles like my motorhome, pay bills, catch up on the snail-mail, check the unit, splash in the warm waters of Maroochydore, then off again.

Surprisingly good real estate prices and quick sales appear to be a product of the pandemic here in south-east Qld. Two units in my block of ten changed hands after each having just one day of open-house inspections and they got very generous prices. A friend up in the hinterland, not all that far away, sold her house to an interstate couple with just photos on the Internet, go figure. It's all go here.

The new plan sees me trade the Suzuki for a VW Multivan. The Bug as I call it gives me the cruise control I want and the space I need to carry stuff and sleep in the vehicle. It's white and nondescript unlike an 8t motorhome. A few additions make it a comfortable option for those overnight trips. If a motorhome is a home on wheels The Bug is a weekender.

The bed storage and generous sleeping space when extended.