Thursday, April 7, 2022

Coonabarabran - Wyaga - Millmerran - Toogoolawah

Stopped at the golf course in Coonabarabran.

Sign of the times, no TV signal but Internet access is OK. So got to watch the NRL Sunday game on the PC. Then finally back in Qld on the Gore Hwy and stopping roadside at Wyaga. 

Nice welcome back to Qld: The rivers are overflowing and lots of roads are closed. Snapped a shot of the Road Conditions sign leaving Millmerran saying the road was open but CAUTION. Then, 10km down the road, it closes and I am directed to turn around. Bugger!

I'm stuck in Millmerran as the Condamine River has topped the Gore Hwy at Pampas Bridge. So wait or what? Hmm wait, no hurry.

Did some shopping in town and repaired the bike flat tyre whilst I waited to see what the river would do. Checked the Internet Latest River Heights for North Condamine R at Pampas Br *

Set up camp at the local golf course. Space for about 6 vehicles, but just me here and the coarse is closed because of the resent rain. A lot less noise than a roadside stop or in town. Fast Internet to monitor the river height, read and blog. Got to be somewhere, this will do nicely for tonight.

Next day road still closed so headed south to Inglewood and the Cunningham Hwy. On to Warwick, Gatton, Esk and Toogoolawah.

Toogoolawah is a noisy roadside camp but good enough as I've gone far enough.

Not an uneventful trip as something spiked the left-hand rear outside tyre and it blew out with a bang. Always a lengthy procedure changing a tyre on the MH especially a rear one.

Not for long!

Took their time closing.
Must have been waiting for me 8:30am Tuesday.

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Flood-gate fences

I've been back at Forbes BA for four weeks. A flurry of the slower more time consuming jobs, water crossings, flood ways, floating fences and the like are a sure sign the camp is about to close. The hard ones are always last.

Change is in the air. It's cooler overnight with some cold mornings. Time to go. Time to head north. Time to check the mail. See if there are any eBay purchases that I can't remember ordering. Won't be the first time. Nice surprise. Also be nice if the rain stops before I get there.

The trick - don't get wet!

A steel cable supports the flood gate.