Thursday, November 16, 2017

Charleville heading east.

So the last job was assembling kids bikes for Christmas gifts. The shed, my workshop, may look disorganised but you should have seen it four weeks ago.

Yep, probably like living in a mining camp but its been undercover with power and water and out of the sun. Works for me and the motorhome.

Some random pics from morning walks around town.

Pub Restaurant in cattle country.

On the outside wall of the local butcher shop.

Sunrise out west.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Aussie Helpers - Charleville, Oakey, Cunnamulla, and Eulo.

Not every day has been the same. Besides unpacking donated goods, storeman and packer sort of stuff, have got to do a road trip or two. Oakey, to help with a clean-up of sorts for a few days, and a day trip south to Cunnamulla then west to Eulo to pick up a bit of gear.

After smoko in Cunnamulla pulled into the Eulo Pub to get directions. While the publican made a phone call or two I checked the pub out. Footy tipping, interesting: Butch, Rat, Pook, Wozzel, Boof, Bull, Foxy, Snake, Sparra, Nobby, Frog, Bear, Ferret and a few more I can't remember were on the leaderboard.

Seems 'Roo' has the gear and I'm given directions to his station (large farm) just 1km out of town. The publican omitted to say the driveway to the homestead was 8km long. Thought I was lost in the driveway!

Roo introduced himself to me as Andrew: Australians are famous for slang and giving people and things nicknames. aka Kenny the Diprotodon. Apparently, it has something to do with the flies. Best to keep it short, as few syllables as possible, that way reducing the chances of flies getting into your open mouth.

Getting a feel for the driving distances that are taken for granted out here: 600km is no big deal.

Sign says: "Come in a buy a feed before we both starve"

Cunnamulla Fella

Eulo Pub and my ride for the day.

Kenny the Diprotodon at Eulo.