Monday, February 29, 2016

Barnawartha Scenic Reserve

Each morning one of the first things I see out my window is this hill. Gunna climb that one day! So after eight weeks of saying it -today's the day. On the push bike about 6am. Short ride via a shortcut tunnel under the Hume highway.

Sunrise 6.58am. Plenty of time to get to the top. Not so. It's all a bit steeper than anticipated. No tracks to follow and unsure which way, other than up, slows me down. The most direct route was steep :( and slow going for the last bit. Lots of spider webs stretching between trees, YUK!

But as they say the view made it worth the effort.

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My View each morning -the hill in the background

Hume Highway snakes around the hill

Wooragee Range

Indigo Valley

Looking back at the BlazeAid Camp at the sports ground

Saturday, February 13, 2016

BlazeAid - Random Photos

All sorts of things get donated to the BlazeAid Camp but my absolute fav is when a couple of legs of lamb walk in the door. Our hard working volunteer kitchen slaves (mean that in a nicest possible way) do a lamb roast with all the trimmings. Just look at the photo and tell me your mouth is not watering!

On a sadder note it's not always uneventful on the fence line. A farmer's dog alerted us to brown snake just a few metres away but got too excited in the process and ended up being bitten. 30 mins later it was all over for a courageous little Jack Russell.

Lamb Roast, yum!

The view is always something, here in Indigo Valley, it's very picturesque. Even the trees put on a show.

The view down the Indigo Valley.