Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Woolooga Fires - Lower Wonga Camp

After six weeks we are still working to lock up this one large property. It's very big and got hit hard. So hard it's best and quickest to just repair some fences at this stage. The bottom two wires are the worst off along most of the fences. Other fences are so bad there is no alternative but to rip them up. Where trees have fallen on the fence it's a case of doing whatever needs doing. Lots of chainsaw work every day. 'Do what you can where you can, we need to muster the cattle'. But the stockyards need lots of attention as well.

Before the fire and with the drought conditions some were bringing in feed for their cattle. Then the fire burns what little grass there was. Now the lack of fences is preventing the regular farm jobs like drenching. Mustering requires fences and yards.

Anyone with hay to sell can name their price. A lot of hay has been shipped out west by various charities, so just getting some is tricky let alone paying the price.