Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Yamba - Tourist Mode

Switching back into tourist mode was easy, just took a couple of days camped at Ballina. Mind you the wet weather clearing certainly helped.

Decided to check out Yamba. Some backtracking south required. Last time in and around Northern Rivers Yamba was not on the agenda so that's a good enough reason. Shortly after arriving found the place familiar but if I've been here before must have been sometime ago. Or maybe these coastal tourist towns are very similar? Anyway its a nice spot to park up for a bit.

Yamba is at the mouth of the Clarence River on the south bank and a popular holiday spot. Across the river, on the north bank, you can see Iluka another really nice spot. Both give you access to the river and the ocean. Both offer good walking and cycling tracks and most what you may need by way of provisions. Yamba is larger and has more of a retail appeal for the ladies whilst Iluka's has its Nature Reserve and Bundjalung National Park. Both have excellent beaches.

Dolphins having lunch in the Clarence River Yamba 


Saturday, March 21, 2015

Northern Rivers

Its funny how it goes sometimes, I get behind the wheel and just drive. I thought it was a bout of destination fixation but then realized I didn't really have a destination as such. Just north.

Crossed Sydney and kept driving. Looping the freeways, M7, M2, the missing link Pennant Hills Rd and M1. Had some roadside ear plug stops and found that small towns, bypassed by the freeway, are general worth the detour and can be good for a night.

Arrived at Northern Rivers NSW and put the jacks down for a few days. Weather not the best but warm and possible to get out and about between the downpours.

Bulahdelah - well worth the detour.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Heading North.

Decisions, decisions. Inland or the coast? It had me immobilized for sometime. Weighing the pros and cons. Eventually the smooth roads of the coast (M1) won out over the more predictable weather and the more direct inland route.  So back to Qld.

A couple of guess-where photos for you.  Taken somewhere between Wagga and Sydney. This time email your bitcoin donation and answers to 

A clue: Shoot the dog.

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Friday, March 13, 2015

Murrumbidgee - Oura Beach

Been camping on the Murrumbidgee River at Oura Beach for a week, driving the ~15km to Wagga and back every other day for various things. The MH to unsuccessfully have the pinion seal on the differential replaced and me to see D1.

A good result for me but not so for the MH. I need to find a pinion seal kit, probably on-line from the States.

Oura Beach is a lovely place to camp, green grass, shade and a nice beach for swimming. At this time of the year you pretty much have your pick of the place. On the river bank mostly in the sun or back on the grass in the shade. Or if you are that way inclined way way back away from everyone.

Early investigations suggest the seal kit will need to come from the States so no point hanging about any longer.

Oura Beach - back a bit

Back but with a view, nice.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Back to the Murray River.

Time to go. Finally finished the largest and worst hit farm.

The work is winding down. Total fencing ripped out and replaced or just repaired was around 100km, they tell me.

                   click on an image to enlarge the photo.
The view from the back paddock.

The burnt fences from one of the larger farms.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Thoona again.

Cottadidda Res Barooga to Yarrawonga then Thoona is a pleasant drive along the Murray River and through developing wine area then south and dryer broad acre farming.

Arrived back at Thoona to find the volunteers are thinning out a bit, down to just 4 teams. But that should be alright as expecting the job to finish and camp to close mid March. I might see it to the end.

ABC came with cameras and reporters, some people hide and some become high profile. Hmmm, interesting.

                                      click an image to enlarge
These early starts are a blessing and a curse.
Grape vines at Barooga, meeting the demand. Keep up the good work!