Saturday, April 12, 2014

Dora's Restoration

Rod from R&T (Caravan Services) called me on Saturday 12th to ask if I wanted a look at Dora with her lid off.  I was surprised by the amount of points where water had been getting in.  Some were long term leaks as the timber laminate below the fiberglass had rotted significantly.  Mostly where the after market had installed the solar.  Rod said the solar was a poor installation mostly because they did not bend the aluminium beams to the shape of the roof.  I'm confident Rod will put it all right.  The original profile of the roof would have the water running off but the fiberglass was not a good solution as it did not follow the profile and had or developed puddle points.  Rod is adding a further 6mm layer of timber laminate before glueing the rubber lining on.  All should be good when Rod is finished but he warned me to stay away from trees as it will rip easily.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Warialda - 7 unplanned nights

On Monday the last day of March heading to Yetman when the noise from the A/C pump was really worrying me.  I sprayed it with CRC and then realized just how hot it was.  The clutch bearing was all but shot.  I turned around just north of Warialda and had the NRMA workshop have a look at it.  Not serviceable so they tried to source a new one with no luck.  So I took over and eventually brought one from Suburban Imports in Sydney.  Apost took till the following Monday to get it to Warialda and I fitted it and off we went again.  A lot less noise coming from the engine bay, nice.
Not much to see or do in Warialda

Stopped at Texas Monday night and Fassifern rest stop Tuesday then dumped at Ipswich and delivered Dora to Caravan Services early Wednesday morning.  Picked up a rental car and got home to Eight2 just after lunch.  Nice to be home.
Bugger me school holidays again, busy, people everywhere, now I know why I prefer to travel via minor roads and small towns in regional areas of Australia.