Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Cotton Tree CP

Beautiful one day, perfect the next. Well only if you discount the shitty, windy, wet days in between.

In my travels around Oz I have not found a place I'd rather be, if I had to be where all the services are. Mind you there is still lots of appeal for the quiet spot by a river somewhere. But generally you can't live there full time without having to get in a motor vehicle to get in the essentials. Here at Cotton Tree you can put the car away and use shanks pony.

Beautiful one day...

Shitty the next!

Looks good but that's a 30kph wind he's riding on.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Street Party.

Looks to me like the shopping trolleys had a street party last night. You'd think by now the supermarket would be a wake up to their midnight antics and have them securely locked away each night. Well not last night. These two obviously had too much fun and got themselves hung out to dry.

Oh the joys of the urban dweller!

The quiz for this week: How many shopping trolleys are there in the world?

260 million less two?

Monday, October 5, 2015

Glass House Mountains - Mt Ngungun

Mt Ngungun.

Timing not that bad, an early start and a drive to Glass House Mountains, arriving before the hordes. Only a few in front of me this morning, about 5 in the car park on Fullertons Rd.

Mt Ngungun is an easy hike on a good track with stairs where required. The last bit, the summit, is across a rocky outcrop that is taken more slowly. But all in all an easy outing taking about 30 mins up and 20 down. Just a few photos from me as there is heaps of stuff on-line -others have already done a more complete job of describing the hike, so I won't.

My advise: get there early as I passed heaps of people on the way down and the car park was full. Mind you it was school holidays.

The last bit.

Looking back from the top.