Monday, February 1, 2021

Wulgulmerang and McKillops Bridge

So the first trip in The Bug is down to Victoria and a BlazeAid camp at Wulgulmerang, population 11.

In actual fact, I was killing time having a few days free before meeting family in Adelong NSW.

The quickest or should I say the shortest way there is via Cooma, Jindabyne and cross the border at Suggen Buggen. Signs at Jindabyne suggested border passes were required to enter Victoria but I saw nobody. In actual fact only saw a couple of vehicles on the 100km trip. That was good because most of the road is gravel and just a single lane in some places and best travelled at about 40km/h. The Bug went well on the gravel.

Stay a few days and did some hilly fences with a mostly overseas backpacker group of volunteers.

Heading back to NSW decided to see McKillops bridge, a magnificent structure in some wild hilly country that was built across the Snowy River. Main Road C611, is listed as one of the most dangerous roads in the country according to If I had read that about the road beforehand I would not have gone that way! But I'm glad to have seen it. Fortunately, after a significant amount of rain overnight, I didn't see another vehicle as the gravel road was wet and very slippery on the shady side of the mountains. A fallen tree across the road did not deter either.

The bridge has a very interesting history.
Check out this video on Youtube that ends with the bridge crossing.

McKillops Bridge

Tree down and no chainsaw, but I managed.