Friday, November 18, 2016

Hervey Bay

Hervey Bay

Don't know what to say. Stayed here for 5 days this time and have stopped extensively several times before. I suppose it's the bike paths that make it attractive, a great way to get around. Along the foreshore from the boat harbour at Urangan all the way to Point Vernon, about 15km. Or if you prefer from the now 850m long pier to the shopping centre at Pialba, and beyond, via a dedicated bike/ped path through the burbs. The path of the old rail line from the pier into town, possibly?

Stayed mostly at a CP in the marina district, older but quiet. No good reviews on-line. Most comment about it being in urgent need of an update. But I'm just here for the power, water and being able to leave the MH unattended while I get out and about adding to my street-art photographic collection.

Ever wonder what your plaque would say?

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Tin Can Bay

Tin Can Bay

Another easy drive. Booked into the Kingfisher CP right in the middle of town. Worth the money for the location, shade, and power, me thinks. Talking with the new owners, just 12 months into it, and still enthusiastic and enjoying the lifestyle. Quiet time right now. Time to relax before the silly season.

Tin Can Bay formally Wallu? What da! What's in a name -Shakespeare. How many tourist would come to Wallu to see the dolphins? Surely less. Tin Can Bay sounds far more exotic. The place makes me think of my time in Papua New Guinea. Like PNG it appears to have more than it's fair share of escapees from the mainstream, mis-fits, and dropouts. Nothing against them, just an observation, just sayin'...

Good spot for cycling. A path extends from Norman Point, near where they feed the dolphins that attract the OS tourist, and along The Esplanade to Crab Creek at Toolara. Toolara is a quiet and picturesque area having a nice coffee shop with water views. Hot and humid today but there's usually a sea breeze happening, nice.

Not lots of choice in Tin Can Bay but most of the essentials are here or not all that far away at Cooloola Bay.  

The TCB Yacht Club -great view

Thursday, November 10, 2016


Planning is harder when you don't have a plan! Knowing how long and how far makes it easier to decide what will be needed. Anyway, the main thing is to get going and what you don't have you probably don't really need, right?

Leisurely mid-morning departure heading north on the Bruce Hwy. Just ~80km to Kandanga. Weather: hot, dry and windy. Hilly closing on Kandanga. A good test for the MH's transmission, brakes, cooling system -all passed. Camped in the center of town, a grassy lot with plenty of shade, a popular free camp. Noted that re-construction of the pub, burnt down December last year, has started. Also worked out what all those strange shapes are on the side of the road and in other unexpected places.

A travel plan starts to firm up based on the weather forecast for the coming days. Hot and getting hotter, the coast is looking good. I know just the spot -the last visit was over four years ago. Nice having a plan.

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