Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Brisbane for the weekend - week 3.

A trip to Brisbane on public transport, now that will be an adventure.  9am got on the bus right outside the caravan park and headed towards Nambour via Bli Bli and other obscure places.  At Nambour station the train to Brisbane was waiting.  Nice clean airy carriages and off we went.  Transfer to a lesser suburban train at Caboolture and after waiting about 20mins we were off again.  The trip in total was over 100km took about 3 hours and with a GoCard cost $12.00.  Good value or what?  Driving the motorhome would cost more than twice that just for the fuel.

Booked in to Mary on Mary hotel via Wotif in Mary St of course, close to shopping and sightseeing and it turned out to comfortable with good facilities.

On Saturday night Mary and Tony met me at the hotel and we walked to south bank and had a nice dinner.  I walked back to the hotel via the casino looking only coming out with everything I went in with.  It was very busy and very noisy.  I went back to the hotel and watched a bit of TV before bed.

Sunday was back to south bank, the Museum of Modern Art for coffee and a rubberneck then off to Roma St for the trip home.

All in all it was a relaxing weekend.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Maroochydore and Noosa week two

The weather is so good and Maroochydore so nice that I have booked in for another week and could stop even longer.

I have been walking and riding the bike every day. On Saturday I hired a BBQ boat and Mary, Bridie and Tony (Mary's partner) went up the Maroochy River for lunch, a really great day out. Sunday we went for a drive to Noosa stopping at a few beaches for a rubberneck and then had lunch at the surf club at Noosa. It was lovely spending the afternoon just sitting on the balcony, in the sun, having a few drinks.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Maroochy River CP

Made it to Maroochydore on Friday, raining but warm.  Checked out the caravan parks online but could not book the Cotton Tree park so opted for Maroochy River CP across the road from the river and bike paths.  Been walking about and working out the public transport.  Local buses are good.  Big shopping centre nearby and pub and IGA closer.  I have booked in for a week and might stay longer?

Mary is in Brisbane watching Bridie play wheelchair basketball.  I would like to go but don't want to drive the motorhome there so I will rubberneck around here till I meet with her and Bridie on Tuesday.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Entrance - Telegraph Point - New Italy

The Entrance, have stopped at the Top tourist here before, its a nice location on the river across from town but the sites can be a bit poky especially for a big motorhome and the park is more suited to longer stays rather than overnighters.  Interesting walking about the town and river precinct.  Lost my hat, blown off, into the river whilst walking across the bridge.

Heading north decided to stop before Kempsey, as I could not remember an acceptable caravan park there.  Found a caravan / water ski park at a place called Telegraph Point.  Nice place artificial lake slalom course and wakeboard facilities clean amenities etc etc.  A local club nearby with cold beer and hot meals but I opted just for an afternoon beer as I didn't fancy the bike ride at night in the dark, too cold!

Stopped at New Italy Rest Area had a coffee and a look around at the tourist things, interesting.  Bit noisy and a bit crowded but doesn't bother me.
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The Entrance looking from the bridge early morning

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Batemans Bay - Kioloa

Merry Beach Caravan Resort not real far from Batmans Bay a large park 200 plus sites lots of cabins lots of annuals and permanents. The park is on the beach in a cove with sites going back up a hill affording a view of the beach ocean and sunrise from most sites.  I was bemused when offered the seniors rate without asking or showing a card?  Is this a sign?  How did she know I just qualified a couple of days ago?  

I think I will start to seriously head north the nights are too cold here and the days not much better.  Sky is clear at the moment lovely sunrise but forecast not all that warm.  Walked and rode around but this place is best suited to water sports and its too cold by half.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Finally heading off from Riverina

I have been stuck in Wagga waiting for important mail.  Tripping over to Narrandera now and then camping on the blocks and catching up with old friends.  Rocco (my next door neighbour and long time friend) invited me to go fishing and then for dinner with Polly (his wife).  Had a great day fishing and a lovely evening talking about locals in Narrandera.

Now I can see clear air.  Heading off to Bateman's Bay to see Brad then heading for Brisbane to catch up with Mary (my sister).

It's been cold overnight here with nice days but the forecast is for colder nights -1 and colder days just 14 so it's a good time to head to the coast.  I think min 10 overnight and 20 during the day should be my expectation and govern where I should be.

Nice drive to Batemans Bay been quite sometime since I've been here and the place, like most coastal places, has grow.  Stopped in a CP on the beach, nice.  Rode the bike and walked heaps.  Went out for dinner with Brad and Kelly (his partner) and had a lovely evening.  Took myself to a very nice restaurant for my birthday.  Now northward bound.

Me and Rocco