Monday, October 14, 2013

Cotton Tree - Hervey Bay house sit

Cotton Tree
Stopped at the Maroochy Primary School for the last few days of the school holidays and then back to Cotton Tree CP for about a week till I'm due to do the house sit in Hervey Bay.
Did all the normal stuff I do at Cotton Tree.  Just cooling my heels waiting to do the house sit.
Decided to stay here at CTCP one more night then overnight tomorrow in Maryborough at the Marina and catch up with Neville. Then its an easy drive to Hervey Bay Wednesday morning.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Maryborough Marina - Photos

An overnighter in Maryborough to provision then back to the farm.

Up before the sun. Did the provisioning got the gas bottle filled and booked in overnight at the Marina only a handful of powered site but with lovely views of the river and close to town. Had a long chat with Neville the owner here at the Marina. Two major floods this year have had a major affect on his health, but he goes on, I admire that!  I updated WikiCamps and created an entry on caravan caravan site for the park, least I could do. Took some nice photos whilst here and emailed him a copy.

Mixed night here at the Marina mostly quiet until the night club up the road closed at 3am. But a good place to stop. Dumped at the showgrounds, brought some wine and headed back to Bauple.
The Marina

Early Morning

The Marina

The campsite at the Marina

Friday, October 4, 2013

Bauple - Macadamia Farm Sit

Cotton Tree - Bauple
Headed north at about 10am stopping for lunch and a snooze at Chatsworth rest area, just north of Gympie, at noon. Stopped at this really nice camp spot, for a cuppa a km or two on the south end of the Bauple Drive Rd. Good for an overnighter in the future. Big storms up north just a few km away. Arrived at Barenuts and met Cameron and Tracy the kids and my charges for the next two weeks, the animals. Toured the property. About two thousand macadamia trees, 20 cattle, a dozen or so chocks, two ducks and a dog.

I spent the next two weeks trimming the lower limbs of some of the trees, helping myself to a basket full of nuts and walking the dog around the property. I picked the nuts from the trees and then run them through the de-shelling machine. Tracy also gave me some of her commercial products like macadamia butter, flavoured roast nuts and oil.

Overnighted in Maryborough on the weekend so I could provision.

After a relaxing 2 weeks I left about 8am and headed to Cooroy to visit Chook and Deb for a cuppa, met Lola Deb's mum, dead spit for each other. Then on to Maroochy Primary School for the next three nights. Rang and booked Dora in for rego inspection on Wednesday next week.

Bauple Macadamia Farm - misty morning

More established trees