Saturday, October 13, 2012

Burnett Heads - Tin Can Bay

Tin Can Bay TT CP.  Guess who's here Alan Walker (his mates call him Reverend not sure why).  Nice to have someone to have happy hour with.  Lunch at the cafe by the bay and a few beer at the Golf Club later.  More wax and polishing of the motorhome.  Headed for Cotton Tree next.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Hervey Bay - Bargara - Burnett Heads

Hervey bay - Bargara
Moving out today after two enjoyable weeks.
Moved into the Absolute Ocean Front Tourist park at Bargara. Went for a ride around the beach bike track and into town, very windy but nice. Went to woollies did some provisioning, 9km. Walked to the local for happy hour but left after one beer.

Rode to Burnett Heads and back, 33km, before having a beer or two at the beach hotel in Bargara. The main shopping street and beach nearby is really very nice and the pub balcony has a great view and cold beer, all in all a nice place.

Took the bus into Bundaberg and walked about 9km around town had lunch at the RSL, roast lamb, overlooking the river and the Marina, nice.

Oct 6th What kind of noise annoys an oyster?

Bargara - Burnett Heads
Booked into the lighthouse caravan park for two nights, nice, could stay longer. Reconfigured the square array TV antenna to vertical polarization works really well here.  Rode to the port and around town after breakfast, 12km. Windy!  Watched bits of the Bathurst car race on TV.

Main street Bargara

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hervey Bay - Burrum Heads and back

Hervey bay - Burrum Heads
Time to move on, Fraser Coast Top Tourist Park is worth a return stay next time I'm in the area, nice.  Drove to Burrum heads and stayed just one night as the Park was booked out for the public holiday on Monday.  Rang Lynn at Hervey bay and booked in again for the next week.

Burrum heads Hillcrest Caravan park
Mostly permanents older and a bit tatty not a lot of grass sites uneven some unsealed tracks. The Council CP in the middle of town is a better option but not during holiday time a it has no privacy. The main street of town goes right through the middle and the river path as well.

Might be worth a visit out of season as a traveller told me the fishing was good.  The town has an IGA and a nice pub.  Cycling is easy and the roads are mostly quiet.

Burrum heads - Hervey bay.
Lots of rain and wind overnight but the morning cleared to a beautiful day, again.  Drove back to Hervey bay and the top tourist CP.  Booked in for another week.  Alan Walker is still here for a couple of more nights.  Did some more waxing of Dora after setting up camp.  A big job, a labour of love, will do a bit more each day.

Did some more of the same riding and walking etc.

 Water park on the beach at Hervey Bay