Thursday, January 30, 2014

Underwood Repairer

I dropped in on Caravan Services in Underwood to show them the job (Dora) up close.  They will start the work in April and they haven't seen the job up close as it has all been done with photos.  The assessor of course had examined the damage at Diddillibah storage.  I asked if they could replace the awning now rather than me having to travel for two months with the tattered one.  No problem, they ordered it Wednesday while I was there and it will be installed Friday.  Nice bunch of blokes.  So two days to idle around, hey I'm good at that.  Stayed one night at Rosewood rest area near Marburg then on to Fernvale near Wivenhoe Dam.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

On the road again, nice.

Picked up Dora and found that the door window had been shattered.  Also found mice dirt and had ants.  Booked her into Maroochy Primary School for 5 days after ordering the glass for the door.  2 days later the glass didn't fit so they ordered another bit.  Second time more lucky they still had to grind some of the window aluminium frame down, but all good in the end.  Booked in for a further 5 days at Pikki St as I didn't want to be on the road with the holiday makers.  Ended up leaving on the Tuesday after Australia day weekend.  The SUP packed up very easily and loaded into the front left bin, nice.

So about 10am after checking the mail I headed south with the intention of stopping at the BP servo about halfway to Brisbane.  On a whim I changed my mine and went to Coochin Creek NP, nice.  Only 43 km today but what's the rush.  I unpacked the Sup and went paddling also nice.  The park was quiet after a very busy long weekend the ranger told me.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Getting the unit ready

Cotton Tree
So back to work?  Well painting the unit anyway.  After a concerted effort I have finished the master bedroom and ensuite, the second bedroom and the entrance area.  Enough for now.  I have been SUPing each morning, painting and walking to the PO to check the mail lunch then a bit more painting in the arvo.  This week will be getting ready to getting back on the road with Dora.  I pick her up from storage on Wednesday.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Another Year gone.

Cotton Tree

It all happens at our place.  The fireworks guys were preparing for the display at 9pm out front.  Then they moved out into the river and put on a good display for about 5 mins, nice.  Mary, Marg, Patty and I watched from the rooftop garden.