Sunday, April 26, 2015

Noosa and ANZAC Day.

The walk through the Noosa National Park got me thinking about Hells Gate; I've been to Hells Gate before. Now where and when was that?

No details of the National Park included here as there is so much information out there, printed and online. If you are ever in Noosa and have the time, its a lovely walk. The Tourist Information Centre will give you a map and useful advice.

Lots of people attended the pre-dawn ANZAC service on the beach at Noosa Heads. So many in fact that it was hard to see and hear what was going on. A highlight (no pun intended) was the parachute flares being fired from a boat at sea.

Park Map
Hay Plain NSW
Pre-dawn Service.

Thursday, April 23, 2015


Left early in the morning as the kids will be rocking up for school today. Checked the mailbox one last time then hit the road, its been a while. I do like the feeling, freedom to go anywhere any direction. Today just 36km to Noosa, Noosaville actually.

Its a small world, or so they say. Having just arrived and setting up at the Noosa River CP when who should I meet but Gary, last seen at BlazeAid Thoona, back in January.  And Thoona just 1,704km south of here in Victoria.  How random is that?  We worked on the same team, for a couple of weeks, rebuilding farm fences after the fires down there.

Noosaville on the banks of the Noosa River and the CP right on the waters edge.  What a great spot when the weather is like this, low teens overnight then high 20s during the day with a light breeze. Absolutely perfect for paddling on the river, walking in the Noosa National Park or cycling the bike paths.

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Pre dawn Noosa River.

Hells Gate - Noosa National Park

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Cotton Tree - Easter.

Arrangements are now in place, regarding the rental property, permitting or actually requiring me to be on the road for the next twelve months with no obligations or commitments to be anywhere at anytime.

So twelve months of touring with only a very sketchy plan of where I will go from here, let alone a big master plan. Mind you f
or the last 5 years I've been on the road with just a month or two here or there house sitting or refurbishing the rental property, with no real plan. But it feels funny not having some place to go if the wheels fall off, if you know what I mean.

Along with many other motorhomes I've been parked up at the local school with power and water at a much more reasonable rate than the Easter rates at the Cotton Tree CP.

Walking, hiking, swimming, surfing and bike riding, this area has it all. The bike paths along the beach and river go forever, 96km actually. Packing a picnic lunch and riding to a quiet beach for a swim is a good day out. The Plaza shopping centre is just across the road from the school and has everything you could need. And within walking distance, restaurants, clubs, pubs and coffee places, lots of choice.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Mail time!

Picking up the mail is always exciting. The PO box is shared with my sister and clearing, holding or forwarding, is part of the deal.

Got invited to go Outrigger Canoeing. Six paddlers in each canoe and about six canoes on the Sunday morning. Out the river and around to the surf beach, try to catch a wave or two, then back again. Nearly two hours of exhausting work, but its fun.

Two shots are at the Outrigger Canoe Regatta, Noosa, the day before. About 20 canoes, from various Qld clubs, all racing a 12km course. And its always hard to resist a sunrise photo at Maroochy Beach.

Get set, GO!

Pre race jitters

Maroochydore Beach - sunrise.