Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Leaving Clarke Creek

It's all slowing down. Most of the jobs are overnighters where volunteers take their caravans on to the station and stay a few days. This involves long treks over dirt roads and sometimes 4x4. That's not for me and my MH. Been in the camp nearly 6 weeks and can feel the call of the open road.

It's been hard, with the camera, to do the expanse of these stations justice. It really is something that is best experienced first hand.

Excitement! Heading south to pick up the mail and all those online purchases that I've made and can't remember. First stop at the Raglan Tavern, a bit noisy with coal trains and trucks all night, but very friendly. Friday night is pizza night, nice.

The stats when I left:
There has been a total of 94 volunteers -equivalent days 1175
Properties Reg'd 21 -Started 15 -Completed 8
Fences cleared 134km -Rebuilt 121km
Meals served 2314

Cleared and/or rebuilt an estimated 17km of this on just one property.

Phone service. Sometimes in some unexpected places.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

End in Sight

Still, lots to do on lots of farms but the camp will close soon on the 5th August. Should have this farm finished by then, been working the same place for 4 weeks now.

Last night a short sharp storm dumps some rain and this morning the paddocks have turned to mush.

Stats so far:
Total Volunteers 80 - Total days 911
Reg'd Properties 21 - Started 15 - Completed 5
Fence cleared 87.2 - Rebuilt 78.2
Meals served 1788

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Small Job - and ABC media stars

"Finished a BIG one. Just one more 'small one', Yeah Right!" That post was a week or so ago. Well, that 'small one' turned out to be about (est) 4km. Haven't finished it, maybe midway through, but can't yet see the end of the fence. In some places can't even see where it was. Fortunately, most of it is still close to where it's supposed to be, but it's on the ground and covered in sand or dirt. But hey that's nothing we haven't dealt with before.

Whilst out in the paddock an ABC news crew turns up to do their thing. Don't worry the boys got the most out of that! Back at the camp that night (media stars), heads waggling... funny.

BlazeAid The promo

Sunday, July 2, 2017


Rockhampton, well mostly anyway. Critical supplies were running low. Not main meal food that comes courtesy of BlazeAid. Stuff like pre-dinner snacks, wine, and beer. Anyway nice to get right away for a time. Provisioned in Rocky and had a quiet night in the back yard of the Bouldy Pub in Bouldercombe.

Checked the stats before leaving camp:
Volunteers 75 so far -829 equivalent days
Properties reg 20 Started 15 Completed 4
Fences cleared 77km Rebuilt 70km
Meals provided 1600