Thursday, January 30, 2020

Woodenbong BA

Rappville - January 2020.

How things have changed since October/November last year. The fires have extended all the way down from northern NSW to Victoria and right now there are 23 BlazeAid camps around Australia needing volunteers.

I spent most of December and Christmas New Years in Cotton Tree then returned to Casino. Casino camp had plenty of volunteers so after 2 weeks I decided to move to Woodenbong camp.

Woodenbong is closer to the Queensland border and is 520m above sea level so it's a bit cooler in the day and more importantly at night, nice. Only 11 registered farms but there are some big ones among them with 5 still to be completed, probably by the end of February. Mt Lindesay (1170m) not far away provides a picturesque backdrop to our work.

These photos are from Rappville area and show the recovery of the trees and grass. It's the first thing I notice on my return. Stunning when compared to late last year.

The burnt forest machine photo was taken near the site of the burnt fence post photo, but about 10 weeks earlier. Nice how the brown has turned to green. 

October 2019.

January 2020.

The extent of the Rappville fire before the Myrtle Creek fire started.