Sunday, January 27, 2013

Cottadidda Res - Wagga for Doctor BGL check

Avoca - Barooga. Cloudy still warm.   Dumped and headed for Bendigo for provisioning and lunch.  Hot high 30s.  Decided not to stop at Aysons Res and drove on to Cottadidda Res at Barooga.  Still hot but the swim helps, nice.  Rang the Doctor in Wagga to checked the nurse will be in on Monday and available to take a blood sample and made an appointment for Wednesday to get the results.

Some cloud light wind cool.
Spent the day at Cottadidda swimming reading and lazing about.

Barooga - Wagga
Clear still cool.  Warmed up low 30s dry.  Provisioning in Wagga couple of beers in the pub then stayed at Wilks Park.  Met Margaret in the C-class Winnie here again.  Been seeing her most times I've been stopping here I suppose that won't happen anymore.  She tells me she is about to settle on a coffee shop business on Monday and will be moving into a house.

Wagga.  Some cloud still warm night.  Fasting for blood test.  First in no wait at the clinic, nice. Did some tech shopping then lunch at Wagga beach, nice.  Got some movies out of the library then back to Wilks for the night.  Hot again mid high 30s.  Happy Hour with Margaret.

Wagga.  Clear still warm night.  Spent the day mostly in Wagga library reading.  Back to Wilks for the night.  Interesting place Wilks Park at the moment, interesting people in various states of crisis, yelling pointing arm waving more yelling foul language, I'm mixing with the wrong crowd! Margaret suggested its drugs and I think she is right.  More cars coming and going more discussions through the window more pointing more cars leaving together.  About midnight there is a physical fight sounds like mum dad and the son going at it, crazy, I'm off tomorrow.

Wagga - Narrandera.  Clear sky no breeze cool.  Dr appointment first thing.  No waiting and a great report everything including blood glucose 
on target, good, nice.  Did some provisioning and then booked Narrandera Caravan Park for 2 nights. 

Narrandera.  Clear still warm.  Drove around and saw Rocco about the Fishing Club we decided I needed to get Des on side.  Called and arranged to be at the pub for the raffle.  Lounged in the pool read my book quiet day, nice.  Des picked me up for the pub.  Good night sorted the admin problem, probably.  Lots of beer, lots of fat food.  Lucky I don't live here full time as it does my BGL no good at all.  But nice to catch up.

Narrandera - Coolamon.  Light cloud light breeze warm.  Caught up with Marilyn and Alan at Coolamon CP in Cowobbie St. 

Off tomorrow.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Toora to Avoca - without stopping in Melbourne

Toora - Avoca.  Overcast cool.  Drove through Melbourne non stop had lunch on the west side. Stopped at Ballan for provisions and wine then on to Avoca arriving about 2.30 pm. Enjoyed pasta and wine with Les, watched some cricket and read some book before bed.

Avoca CP.  Clear still cool.  Had three quiet and relaxing days catching up on laundry and a few maintenance issues with Dora.  Did some bike riding and Les and I visited the Blue Pyrenees winery brought some red and then lunch at the Avoca hotel, fish chips and salad, nice.  Very warm afternoon high 30s.  Dora's AC doing ok.  Hot day and slow to cool down at night.  Off tomorrow.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

The High Country - Southern NSW Coast

Adalong - Bemboka
Clear still cool. Stopped at Tumut for provisions then drove on to Adaminaby for lunch.  From Talbingo there is a steep climb from 400m to 1000m in about 6km, hard work but no problem for Dora, even on a hot day in the 30s.  The drive across the high country is one that must be done, nice.  At its peak the road is 1500m above sea level.  A step descent into Bemboka mostly in 1st gear was slow but safe, Dora did good!  Stopped for the night at the showgrounds at Bemboka, ok but nothing special, but quiet.

Bemboka - Yellow Pinch Dam.
Clear still cool, nice.  Stopped at Tathra for coffee a swim then lunch and to plan which way I would go.  Met Susan and Pete kiwi travellers.  Decided south looks good, yellow pinch dam for tonight?  Met Richard, Rose and Deb at YPD.  Had a drink with the fellow travellers and then cooked salmon and veg for dinner, nice.

Yellow pinch dam - Bellbird hotel.  Clear still cool.  Went for a walk to the dam wall down the road and up the bush track, just 1.3km but nice then walked to the top of Yurammie State Park, about 2.5km.   Stopped in Eden for coffee and veggies then lunch at the wharf before heading to Bellbird Hotel.  At 4pm had a couple of schooners with Jergen the publican and back later for dinner, nice.

Bellbird Hotel - Heyfield FC.  Clear still cool.  Headed of early stopped for breakie at a rest stop along the way, made Lakes Entrance for lunch and walk about.  Provisioned and drove on to Heyfield.  Turned very windy, south westerly late in the day.  Heyfield free camp very nice, toilets dump point water mown grass. 

Heyfield.  Cold wet windy overnight, nice change.  Windy and somewhat overcast in the morning.  Looks like a showery day on the way.  Toured around town and the lake, the place has moved along, nice place to live, pride shows in the town.  Late in the arvo all these horse floats arrived, a Jane Mcgrath charity ride from here to Locola, starting tomorrow.

Heyfield - Woodside.  Clear still cool.  Called Chris French and then drove to Woodside beach CP to stay the night with them in the CP. Chris and I walked about 10km along the beach, nice. Went fishing in the arvo Chris caught a nice flathead we all shared at drinks, nice. 

Woodside - Port Albert.  Overcast still some drizzle overnight.  Provisioned in Yarram then stopped in Port Albert for lunch and overnight.  Met some fellow travellers at the free camp, nice.  Called James Vs office re letter Sue will forward it on via email.  Had happy hour with Cathy from Cairns.

Port Albert - Toora.  Clear still warm.  Drove to Toora rest area for lunch and decided to stay the night.  Walked back into Toora for the exercise 9km return.  Brought a bottle of wine as the reward.  Quiet night at a really nice rest stop well of the road just me and one other vehicle. 

Melbourne tomorrow gunna cross, east to west in one day, non stop.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Narrandera Mowing Grass

Clear still crisp, nice.  Did some provisioning in town then booked into the Narrandera Caravan Park as it was going to be hot and I wanted to catch up with Ken and Brab. Did some mowing for Ken.  Swam in the pool and cooked chicken on the bbq for dinner.

The Park looks pretty much back to normal, pre flood, but Ken and Barb are a bit jaded.  Ken says its there weakest December in ten years and they are doing their own cleaning.  David, their son, had moved to town as his house moved on the foundations, Ken is turning it into a bedroom unit for rent.  He is also spending 40k on the leevy banks lifting them to 950 and compacting.  Met Colin and Gary free flight enthusiasts camping here at NCP.

Caught up with the Fishing Club, met the Hanlons and co at the lake for swim etc.  Headed off to Wagga. Picked up my mail from Ged (my brother) then headed to Adelong, booked in for one night at the CP.  Hot weather, gunna head higher up the range to escape the heat.