Sunday, January 27, 2013

Cottadidda Res - Wagga for Doctor BGL check

Avoca - Barooga. Cloudy still warm.   Dumped and headed for Bendigo for provisioning and lunch.  Hot high 30s.  Decided not to stop at Aysons Res and drove on to Cottadidda Res at Barooga.  Still hot but the swim helps, nice.  Rang the Doctor in Wagga to checked the nurse will be in on Monday and available to take a blood sample and made an appointment for Wednesday to get the results.

Some cloud light wind cool.
Spent the day at Cottadidda swimming reading and lazing about.

Barooga - Wagga
Clear still cool.  Warmed up low 30s dry.  Provisioning in Wagga couple of beers in the pub then stayed at Wilks Park.  Met Margaret in the C-class Winnie here again.  Been seeing her most times I've been stopping here I suppose that won't happen anymore.  She tells me she is about to settle on a coffee shop business on Monday and will be moving into a house.

Wagga.  Some cloud still warm night.  Fasting for blood test.  First in no wait at the clinic, nice. Did some tech shopping then lunch at Wagga beach, nice.  Got some movies out of the library then back to Wilks for the night.  Hot again mid high 30s.  Happy Hour with Margaret.

Wagga.  Clear still warm night.  Spent the day mostly in Wagga library reading.  Back to Wilks for the night.  Interesting place Wilks Park at the moment, interesting people in various states of crisis, yelling pointing arm waving more yelling foul language, I'm mixing with the wrong crowd! Margaret suggested its drugs and I think she is right.  More cars coming and going more discussions through the window more pointing more cars leaving together.  About midnight there is a physical fight sounds like mum dad and the son going at it, crazy, I'm off tomorrow.

Wagga - Narrandera.  Clear sky no breeze cool.  Dr appointment first thing.  No waiting and a great report everything including blood glucose 
on target, good, nice.  Did some provisioning and then booked Narrandera Caravan Park for 2 nights. 

Narrandera.  Clear still warm.  Drove around and saw Rocco about the Fishing Club we decided I needed to get Des on side.  Called and arranged to be at the pub for the raffle.  Lounged in the pool read my book quiet day, nice.  Des picked me up for the pub.  Good night sorted the admin problem, probably.  Lots of beer, lots of fat food.  Lucky I don't live here full time as it does my BGL no good at all.  But nice to catch up.

Narrandera - Coolamon.  Light cloud light breeze warm.  Caught up with Marilyn and Alan at Coolamon CP in Cowobbie St. 

Off tomorrow.