Friday, August 2, 2013

Mareeba and Cooktown

Arrived at Mareeba mid morning, did the provisioning before joining all the CMCA at the rally. Maintenance time for the MH, leaky plumbing. Rode to a caravan spares place twice once to get plumbing bits and then a second to get a new gas strut for a bin lid. Met up with Chook and Deb again and a few others.  Watched the entertainment at the main tent, over 300 motor homes here.

Xmas in July lunch today, sorry NOT me, bah hum bug! Drizzled most the day and all night so I expect the gods had the same opinion. Rode around town between the showers.

Walked around the market set up here at the rally, interesting, not very. Still full of head cold so lazed around most of the arvo. Went to happy hour talk about Cooktown, sounds good so might spend a week there and do the show.

Headed off toward Cooktown at about 1030am after topping water and dumping. Easy drive to Rifle Creek camp spot at Mt Molloy. Headed off very early next morning as I did not sleep to well. Showered about 100km down the road.

Arrived at Cooktown, disappointed in both the new $5 camp and the showgrounds so headed 10km back out of town and stayed roadside, a much better option. Named it Chook's Gravel Pit and entered it in WikiCamps.

Good night by the highway at Chook's Gravel Pit. Drove into town and rode the bike up Captain Cook's lookout, hard work, but great view.

Next day back to town to Mt Cook National Park, about 930am. Climbed the mountain 440m (according to my smartphone GPS) and 6 km return. A tough climb best done in the cool of the morning as it can be stifling climbing through the thick undergrowth and under the tropical canopy.  The path is marked with tree tags but is hard to ID in places.  The best view is about 50m south of the transmitter equipment shed on a rocky outcrop.  Took some nice photos.

When staying at CGP I met a lady I've been sharing the gravel pit campsite with most nights and had a few drinks with her each afternoon exchanging travel stories.  Heading south tomorrow after a week here.
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 View from the Top of Mt Cook
There is a logbook at the top of the mountain and I entered several world records in  the book for the date 1/8/2013: First to the top that day. Fastest in my age group for the day (to be confirmed)