Saturday, January 22, 2022

Barmedman and Wagga

Friday was my last day at Forbes BA. Finished building a new fence. The team stayed back a bit late so I could end on a high, nice.

Got my booster jab at a local pharmacy, no drama, no queue. Not like it was back in Maroochydore with the first and second shot. So yep good to go.

Heading to Wagga as Bunnings has stuff that I need for a MH cabinet project. I also need to cruise the mall for some new linen that needs updating.

The Newell Highway south of Forbes is surrounded by water at the moment. It's an amazing sight. The highway has suffered badly and crews are working at patching and renewing long sections. Lots of stop-goes. So don't use the Newell if you are in a hurry. Hurry, not me, no big deal.

Stopped along the way at Barmedman to swim in the mineral pools there. A fellow tourist advised me that the pool had just reopened, probably been closed because of covid. I should have listened more closely to the bit about 'just reopened' as the water was very cold. The bore was operating, I could see water pumping, but no even lukewarm. But a $1 for a hot shower was ample compensation.

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Forbes BA - steam driven pump

The weather here is very changeable, yesterday we were rained off, today we start a new new farm. The back of the property runs along the Lochlan River. A few large trees had fallen on the fence as well as the normal rubbish.

These paddocks had an extensive flood irrigation system of open channels and sluice gates. It's a long time since the system was working but the channels and gates, looking like gravestones every 20 or so meters, are still evident. The water came from the river via a huge pump originally driven by steam, then diesel and finally by electricity. But now it's centre-pivot irrigators using bore-pumps that do that work.

Always interesting to see this old stuff of yesteryear. A benefit of volunteering and working these farms.

Friday, January 14, 2022

Forbes BA - photos

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Not all ours. Most from previous floods.

The flood water weakens the roots of trees.

Inquisitive - or expecting a feed of hay. 

Sunrise (no filters)

Friday, January 7, 2022

Forbes BA

The camp has 2 teams going out each day. The weather has been wet. Heavy thunder storm activity several afternoon/nights have stopped us getting on the paddocks every day. But when we do the kms are ticking up. It's flood work so mostly cleaning and standing up old fences. It can be dirty wet work. 

Unusual clouds. More rain coming?


Dirty and damp, yuk!

Tuesday, January 4, 2022


Headed towards Forbes to do some BlazeAid for a bit. Stopped at Grenfell for a break and took advantage of the dump point facility at the free camp near the old railway station.

Just up the road, silos, and like most silos in NSW and Vic covered in art. No complaint from me they look great and if it encourages people to visit the town, all the better.

So yep, had to snap the photo.

To see more silo art click the link "SiloArt" in the DISPLAY BY LABELS in the panel to the right.

Grenfell Silo

Monday, January 3, 2022

Adelong to Jugiong

Just a short drive early in the morning before the traffic gets hectic. It's a warm one and busy around the town of Jugiong.  More people and actively than I've seen here on a Sunday, or for that matter any day, before. 

I've been stopping overnight and camping at Jugiong for several years now and more often than not it's been a Sunday and everything has been closed. First up the pub was permanently closed,  in disrepair. Then closed being renovated. Then open but not Sundays. Now today more than 100 cars in the car park and the street. The camping area of the park busy with caravans and campers.

The public pool in the park has always been here but I've not seen it open and in such good shape. Hot, high thirties, and the pool is crowded. The town is on the up that's plain to see.  And the pub's new owners, having paid $14 million, must be happy with their investment.  At the moment anyway. 

Jugiong Pub (1852)