Monday, January 3, 2022

Adelong to Jugiong

Just a short drive early in the morning before the traffic gets hectic. It's a warm one and busy around the town of Jugiong.  More people and actively than I've seen here on a Sunday, or for that matter any day, before. 

I've been stopping overnight and camping at Jugiong for several years now and more often than not it's been a Sunday and everything has been closed. First up the pub was permanently closed,  in disrepair. Then closed being renovated. Then open but not Sundays. Now today more than 100 cars in the car park and the street. The camping area of the park busy with caravans and campers.

The public pool in the park has always been here but I've not seen it open and in such good shape. Hot, high thirties, and the pool is crowded. The town is on the up that's plain to see.  And the pub's new owners, having paid $14 million, must be happy with their investment.  At the moment anyway. 

Jugiong Pub (1852)