Friday, November 1, 2013

Point Vernon Hervey Bay

Point Vernon for 16 nights. I parked the MH out front in the driveway as there is no access to the back yard, overhead clearance an issue. This time it's a nice residential house in suburbia and my charge is an overweight dog called Tiger. Poor Tiger hardly ever gets to go out for a walk, well that's up until I arrived. Day one his lead broke so I had to make a temp one till I could buy a new one. Hope it gets used when I'm gone. Each morning rain hail or shine we walked The Point usually about 5km around the coastal path. Then I would ride my bike into town or around the really good bike tracks here. An easy assignment in a nice part of Hervey Bay. 

Keith called last night they'll be home this arvo. I will head off tonight. Last walk with the doggy, 5km around the point. Keith and Shirley arrived home mid arvo and I headed off after bring Shirley up to date with a few things. Decided to overnight at Tiaro.