Thursday, May 3, 2012

Great Ocean Road - Ferry - Rosebud house sit

Had dinner with Les a pizza he's good a them, taught me how anyway.  ANZAC day went to the local horse races and had a good day out if a bit cold from the constant wind. I joined a punters club and did my dough, they didn't pick one winner all day.  But it was fun anyway.

Time to head toward Rosebud and the house sit. Headed to Lake Tooliorook a nice camp spot right on the lake and met Col and Wayne neighbours for tonight. Next stop Johanna Beach via Camperdown, Cobden and Lake Elingamite a small crater type of lake with lovely campgrounds protected from the wind, nice.  Johanna Beach is a National Park and well looked after. But it was very wet and windy whilst I was here and I don't have appropriate clothes.  Poor radio and no phone service so not lots to do.

The Great Ocean Road always a good drive but pretty special sitting up high in my motorhome with a really good view.  Can be a bit slow but hey what's the hurry.

Apollo Bay booked into a caravan park for a change and walked about town and then up to a look out over town about 11km in all.  Arrived in Lorne and it was warm and the wind has dropped.  Doesn't that make a difference?   On to Queenscliff after a couple of nights here.

Queenscliff.  Booked into the caravan park and met Marleen the manager and had a good long chat to her about the business. The park borders the footy ground so got to watch the local teams plan.  Lots of rain and wind and too wet to walk or ride to the shops.  Next day a bit better.  BGL a bit out of control doing lots of walking even in the rain.

Finally time to put Dora on the ferry.  Directed into a separate lane to the other vehicles expected we would go on last but actually went on first then off first.  No drama, easy, plenty of clearance to the side and overhead.  Quick trip over and headed off to see Brian and Carlene.  Got the cooks tour of the house and a drive around the area to see the highlights, well shopping best places, etc.  Home for 5 weeks should be OK.

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 Apollo Bay lookout - Looking west
 Looking east
The Ferry Queenscliff to Sorrento