Thursday, June 21, 2012

Back to Queensland - Not the Newell this time.

Mirrool - Gooloogong
Overcast still no wind, warm, nice.  Dumped and brought beer and stuff at Grenfell before washing the road grime of Dora because of road repairs at Gooloogong.  Met Alan, retired NSW cop, my neighbour for tonight. A few beers at the pub then roast veggies and salmon for dinner, nice. Watched the NRL on the box, boring, bulldogs and dragons, who cares!

BGL 7.1 - 78.1kg.  Not so many times that I need to get up in the night lately, good.
Lots of rain overnight forecast for all day as well. I'm staying here, power and warmth for a small donation, will move on tomorrow. Spent a quiet day listening to the radio and reading my book.  Rugby tonight Australia vs Scotland, yeh!

Gooloogong - Carcoar Dam.
Rain stopped overnight.  Stopped at Canowindra on the way to Carcoar Dam to do some provisioning and get a coffee. Its turned windy and overcast big time and its going to be cold tonight.

Carcoar Dam - Richmond
Cold overnight fog and mist in the morning.  The drive from Lithgow to Richmond was spectacular if not just a bit scary at times dropping from 1100m down to 120m through the Blue Mountains, nice. Stopping at the Richmond Club, nice. $4 to join as a member then $10/n for a powered site plus complimentary drinks at the club for a new member, nice. The weather here in Richmond has been excellent, clear sky no breeze, loving it. Took the bike for a ride down towards Windsor 8km. Two beers at the club then Chinese takeaway for dinner, not bad.

Another nice day on the way.  Laundry and then bike ride around town and the river.  Rode 10km along the river looking for somewhere to have a picnic lunch but found no access.  So went home and had lunch sitting in the sun with Dora.  Did food shopping and got ready to escape tomorrow.  Went to the club for happy hour and used my last free drink voucher, I like that!  $4 to join the club and 3 free drink vouchers worth about $4 each.  Dinner at the club then home and read my current book.

Richmond - Wallabadah
Fog and cold overnight but will be a nice day.  Fueled up and headed of about 10am.  Stopped at Grey Gums for lunch, a good spot to camp if you got here late in the arvo but that's not me so on on.  Arrived at Wallabadah about 4.30pm. ~340km that's enough. Made and cooked a pizza and had an early night.

Wallabadah - Tenterfield
Very cold overnight and in the morning. Slow to get away, drove about 100km then had a shower and morning tea.  Had lunch late at Glen Innis and refuelled Dora then stopped at a rest stop just short of Tenterfield shortly after 4pm, ~350km that will do for today.  Home? to Maroochydore tomorrow.

Have to make sure I'm somewhere with good TV reception come the paralympic.  My sister Mary's daughter Bridie. Captain - Go Girl! 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Exit Melbourne to Mirrool

Off to the airport at 7am and back with the tourist by 11am.  Headed off in the motorhome about noon, not bad.  Stopped for fuel in Frankston and put in about 8lts of unleaded petrol into the tank before I realized, about 3% no big deal, before filling the rest with diesel.  Lunch at Donnybrook and stopped overnight at Reef Hills Rd at Benalla, a National Park, with no facilities but a quiet spot well off the road.

Cooking tip for today: A smallish pinch of mixed herds in no added salt baked beans helps heaps.

Forecast for Benalla over night is +1, I'll miss the dog tonight! Actually went down to zero.

Benalla - Holbrook - Wagga
Stopped for coffee at Holbrook, nice, warmer and getting warmer, really nice.

Weather here in Wagga is really lovely, and very pleased to be here and on the road again, yeh!  Met Margaret in a C-class Winnebago, again, the cook, she was off up north today.

Wagga Wilks Park - Coolamon CP
Zero to start but 16 and clear sky is forecast.  Drove to Coolamon CP and was reunited with Chris and Marilyn.  I had first met them at Batlow and then again here last year. Will be nice to have power and be warm all night. Quiet day lazing in the sun.

Coolamon CP - Wagga - Narrandera
Feels like -2 
in Wagga, according to the weather app, brass monkey!  Nice and warm in my motorhome.  Paid the guy at the newsagent for my powered site at the CP and a had a laugh with him. Funny fellow.  Then Wagga and met with my Super Fund manager, Chris, and had lunch with my brother Ged.  He gave me the stuff from Ted (dad), 4 prints of ships, a photo of Crusader and some medallions. Off to Narrandera and camped on the block.

Narrandera - Cold but clear heading for 17.
Up at 4am after reasonable sleep. Mowed the grass updated my music files. Had dinner at the pub and watched the state of origin, NSW Won 16/12. Good game. Only had 5 schooners of light. Ready to go tomorrow.

Narrandera - Mirrool hotel
Not far to go today so did some paperwork making sure I will have what I need to do a tax return.  Made it to Mirrool for lunch had a snooze before a few beers in the pub with Ben and pizza for dinner.  Ben and Claire are putting the pub on the market.

Thinking I will take a new direction to Brisbane this time. Via towns I have not been to before. Stopping at some places I've been told about, take a few photos etc.

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Holbrook rest stop and coffee shop

Friday, June 8, 2012

Rosebud and the house sit.

Rosebud one day to go for the house sit and yes I'm ready to move on.  Its been 5 weeks and the weather has not been kind.  What happened to those lovely still winter days I remember from when I live in Melbourne.  Yes folks its true, born in Melbourne, grew up in Melbourne, and it was nearly 50 years before I realized we were allowed to leave Melbourne.

Whilst here I have been looking after Brian and Carlene's little dog and walking her everyday come rain, hail or shine.  The poor thing has lost a bit of weight as I have been sticking to the meal quantities on the packets of dog food.  I'm sure she's been used to more but she's looking better for it.

In between nasty weather bouts I have done some lovely rides like Point Nepean NP, some back beaches, around the foreshore of Port Phillip Bay and Queenscliff via the ferry.  There really are some good places to ride and some nice spots to visit.

Also been able to catch up on some of the more serious maintenance motorhome things like cleaning and securing the house batteries.  Installing a new radio and sound system and some other wiring issues that have been bugging me.

Caught up with friends Carl and Barb, Bert and Jan who live around this area as well.  Good to see them its been quite some time.

Tomorrow I pick the jetsetting tourists up from the Melbourne airport and bring them home.  Then its wheels up for me, so to speak, I will take the toll roads (fastest way) out of here, heading north.
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 Sally visits me on the dunny every morning for a bum scratch
Point Nepean NP a great day out on the bike or walking