Friday, June 8, 2012

Rosebud and the house sit.

Rosebud one day to go for the house sit and yes I'm ready to move on.  Its been 5 weeks and the weather has not been kind.  What happened to those lovely still winter days I remember from when I live in Melbourne.  Yes folks its true, born in Melbourne, grew up in Melbourne, and it was nearly 50 years before I realized we were allowed to leave Melbourne.

Whilst here I have been looking after Brian and Carlene's little dog and walking her everyday come rain, hail or shine.  The poor thing has lost a bit of weight as I have been sticking to the meal quantities on the packets of dog food.  I'm sure she's been used to more but she's looking better for it.

In between nasty weather bouts I have done some lovely rides like Point Nepean NP, some back beaches, around the foreshore of Port Phillip Bay and Queenscliff via the ferry.  There really are some good places to ride and some nice spots to visit.

Also been able to catch up on some of the more serious maintenance motorhome things like cleaning and securing the house batteries.  Installing a new radio and sound system and some other wiring issues that have been bugging me.

Caught up with friends Carl and Barb, Bert and Jan who live around this area as well.  Good to see them its been quite some time.

Tomorrow I pick the jetsetting tourists up from the Melbourne airport and bring them home.  Then its wheels up for me, so to speak, I will take the toll roads (fastest way) out of here, heading north.
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 Sally visits me on the dunny every morning for a bum scratch
Point Nepean NP a great day out on the bike or walking