Sunday, December 9, 2018

Back to Woolooga Fires

The Woolooga camp was going to close on the 25th of November. But then a farmer offered his assistance with a place to relocate to.

After six weeks at the camp, this was a good time for me to take a break. So I'm back to Maroochydore to do all the stuff that backs up whilst being away. A couple of weeks later and I'm at a loose end. So headed back to do some fencing, for just for a few days, before Xmas.

Anyway, a fencing job falls through and we are at a loose end for a day. Offered an unusual job; 'can you get an old Komatsu D85e dozer out of a boggy spot on a farm?'. Nup, no experience with that. But hey that never stopped us before. A new experience... up for that? You bet!

Recent rain and the bottom of a very steep gully were the main issues. Lots of old sleepers were gobbled up under the dozer tracks before things got serious and tree trunks were chained into the tracks of the dozer. The dozer had heaps of power, just needed something to grab on to. Having a tractor and backhoe on hand also helped.

So yep, you got to love BlazeAid. Always a new experience to be had. You just need to stick your hand up.

Backing down to drop off the sleepers.

Yeah right!  

But persistence pays off.