Sunday, April 15, 2012

Fishing weekend

Narrandera - Morundah

Easter.  Went into town to watch the rodders lap the main but got bored and headed down to the Morundah Pub.  Set up camp in the main street across for the pub.  Had a few beers at the pub then made a pizza for dinner before going back for a glass of wine.  One of my best pizzas, yum.

Morundah - Tocumwal
Killing time until the fishing club fishing trip weekend at Mulwala.  Where better than Tocumwal, wrong!  Never seen so many campers here at the town beach.  Hopefully some or most leave tomorrow.  Met Rinehart my neighbour for tonight, nice bloke.  Moved a few meters upwind to avoid the dust and met Diane a new neighbour.

Tocumwal - Mulwala
Headed off early and stopped for a swim at Barooga.  Dump and provisioned before booking in the caravan park on the lake.  Nice, the fishing club is picking up the bill.  Cold night just 3deg but had power and the heater works just fine.

One year ago today.  Thinking of you my dear.  Rode around town and out to Kiffins Res about 20km in all.  Blood Glucose getting out of control must focus.  Boozing with the fishing club guys is not helping.  Strung a couple of AFDs together and stayed on diet as well.

Mulwala - Wagga
Three monthly blood sample taken at Calvary Hospital then set up camp at Wilks Park.  Walked a couple of km around town checking out the shops.  Met Roy and traded good campsites mostly north from here. Saw the Doc about blood analysis results.  Better than expected but he didn't like the upward trend I assured him I knew how to turn it around.  Eyes, no change, but not worse so that's ok.  Its easier to control BGLs in Maroochydore than the Riverina that's for sure.

Headed off as my commitments have been met. Carrathool, Swan Hill, Terrick Terrick National Park I'm the only person here and probably for 20km, quiet total darkness at night.  Some nice walking and rock climbing to done but hard to stay more than a night.

Aysons Res, I think I've been here before ;)  Heading to Avoca to catch up with Les and Hannah.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Exit Melbourne - Narrandera and the flood damage

Rye to Lancefield. Cloudy but no rain. Left about 10am stopped for fuel, about noon, at Bunkerhill. Feels good to be on the go again. Went via the freeways and toll roads, an easy drive, now I need to pay the toll. Toll $26 Citylink and $14 Eastlink. Had a few beers and talked with the locals at Pyalong pub, they suggested the truck show, why not! So on I went. Stopped over night at Lancefield at the American Truck Show at the sports oval. Interesting, different.

Lancefield to Toolleen. Overcast bit of wind. Had coffee and a walk around Heathcote before heading to Toolleen and stopping at the rest area across the road from the pub and had a few beers in the very friendly pub, nice.

Toolleen to Elmore - Aysons Reserve near Elmore. Warmish night light breeze. Rode to town and back 25km return nasty headwind on the way in. Did the 8000km service for Dora, lube, oil and filter changed and topped up the oil in the generator, didn't quite fill it when I did the last service. Fitted a 12v outlet beside the bed to charge the phone at night.

Elmore Aysons Res - Tocumwal beach. Checked over the AC and found a wire broken that would account for the compressor not cutting in, good-on-you Bruce the auto electrician that serviced the air-con gas recently. But alls good now. Left about 10am stopped at Rochester for coffee then lunch at Undera on the detour to Shepparton due to the residual water from the flood.Arrived at Tocumwal to find Roy, the caretaker, had only just returned after the water here subsided. Apparently it reached the dunny block footings. Met Greg and Elaine neighbors at Toc tonight who are former bike shop owners from Brisbane and John travelling in a Winnie Esperance he is from Shepparton just taking a short break.

Tocumwal beach. Rode around town, watched a bit of the local footy, not much happening quiet day. 390km on the bike now. Met David and Helen former motel managers notably Annies in Maroochydore before Annie (and her separated husband) took it over. They are looking to do relief work as they travel.

Tocumwal Beach - Wagga Wilks park. Cool night clear sky looking good. Headed off about 10am stopped at Urana for lunch then reached Wagga about 4pm. Still lots of water around and grass covered flattened fences more and more coming closer to Wagga. Wilks is no worse for wear even looking better with its new lake in the middle of park, complete with ducks, nice. Met Ian, Chris and Crystal (dog) neighbors for a few nights. Ian a former bus company manager and Blainey pub owner, now a geocacher is fighting cancer with Chris looking after him.

Wagga Wilks Park - Narrandera. Said Goodby to Ian, Chris and Crystal. Drove to Narrandera with airbags at right pressure, that's better! Must check them regularly. Did some shopping. Note to self: stick to the shopping list then we won't end up with 4 packets of the same sort of biscuits! Did some bindie spraying, seems to be working but need to be here more often to maintain a program. Rocco made and fitted a wood crate in Dora's battery bin. All looking very professional!

Narrandera. End of daylight saving, that's good. Popped in to see Ken and Brab.  Ken told me the forecast flood level was 9.0 but at Gillenbah he says they had 9.2 or more. He is busy getting it all back online but that will take to the end of the month. Three of relocatables are a write off and the 2nd house has moved about 500mm off it foundations. Their house is also a disaster but they are working through it now. Looks like the motel next door may not open again, that's no great loss in my opinion.