Saturday, June 25, 2016

Home Hill

I'm sitting here at Home Hill reflecting on the humidity and how hot and uncomfortable it felt yesterday when it was just 28deg. Listening to the radio the announcer reads the weather and temperatures for the various regional towns around Australia. I noted that not one town or city in NSW or Victoria, daytime maximum, was going to reach our last night's overnight temperature, about 20deg. Some even struggling to get to double figures. Now that explains all the caravans and MHs clogging the roads and free camps in FNQ.

So for you, dear reader suffering the cold, these photos -you will need to guess where they were taken :)        
(A hint start looking just north of the 24th parallel) 

Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Leap and Eimeo

Back to the coast, via Sarina and then Mackay. Noticed just how much warmer the nights are, +10 then some, nice. But the downside is all the people and all the traffic. Stopped overnight at The Leap Hotel for State Of Origin and had a look-see (or should that be a look-sea) at Eimeo Pub, interesting. The Leap should check out the Eimeo Hotel's website to see how effective marketing is achieved!

On toward Bowen. Bowen is usually avoided by motorhomers because the local council is so unwelcoming. But Chook gave me a heads up on a free camp on the way into town. Otherwise, I would drive on without stopping at Bowen.

Visitor for breakfast - Funnel Creek.

Yep got that one...

Early morning creepy hollow - Nah Funnel Creek!

Eimeo Hotel - nice view from the alfresco dining. 

Monday, June 20, 2016

Marlborough - Funnel Creek

Stayed in the back yard of the Marlborough Hotel for two nights because of the rain, reading. A brilliant day after the rain and decided to drive the Old Bruce Hwy -now called the Marlborough Salina Rd. The highway was re-aligned back in 1982 to the coast side of the Connors and Broadsound Ranges. Having driven the New Bruce on the coastal side many times I found it a good change and far more scenic. But be warned the road, even though fully sealed, lacks maintenance and undulates severely in some sections.

Back in 2001, the two councils Rockhampton and Mackay and the '56 Olympic Commemorative Group established an interesting roadside memorial. Farther down the road I stopped for a quiet night at Funnel Creek -a stunning spot at the bridge crossing.

Olympic memorial

The view from the memorial across the road.

Funnel Creek a great place to stop.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Gin Gin and Calliope River

Late start, easy drive. A bit farther than yesterday, 180km on to Gin Gin. Camped up just north of town at the Gin Gin rest area on the Gin Gin Creek. Lots of caravans, motorhomes and whizzbangers here. It's a bit noisy being on the edge of town where the trucks are either slowing into, or accelerating out of, town.

Gin Gin maximises it's geographical location, being about half way between Brisbane and Rockhampton, on the Bruce Hwy. The town has many trucking facilities, motels, food outlets and pubs. The main street pays homage to the motor vehicle with a wide main and extensive parking all the way through the town.

Next day on to Calliope River rest area, 165km. The Calliope flows on to 
Gladstone and into the Coral sea. The rest area is a lovely spot but it's getting very popular.

Gin Gin Rest Area.

Calliope River Rest Area - south side

Calliope River Rest Area - north side

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Theebine and Dickabram Bridge

Another 70km in a general northerly direction and it will do for the day. Visited the Theebine hotel, because it's a classic Queenslander, then the spent some time exploring the 130-year-old Dickabram Bridge nearby. Nice little park on one of the approaches will be home tonight. Very quiet, count the traffic on one hand.

A classic Queenslander.

Dickabram Bridge.

You reckon I'm not crossing if I've just ridden all this way on my push bike! 

Monday, June 13, 2016


Finally managed to leave Cotton Tree. It was the weather made me do it! Wind, rain and low temps making me think of what it's usually like in, and north of, Townsville at this time of the year. So yeah, jacks up and pointing down the open road always sparks a bit of anticipation of places and things to see and do.

Not a big drive today, just 75km to Kandanga. Free camped in the park and checked out the temporary pub after the local hotel burnt down a few months ago. Weather is still shitty but that's providing motivation.

Took down the lace curtains, travelling solo again.

Kandanga free camp in the middle of town, nice.

No more trains here.

Kandanga Hotel. The temporary licence -a bit chilly today.