Friday, June 3, 2011

Finally heading off from Riverina

I have been stuck in Wagga waiting for important mail.  Tripping over to Narrandera now and then camping on the blocks and catching up with old friends.  Rocco (my next door neighbour and long time friend) invited me to go fishing and then for dinner with Polly (his wife).  Had a great day fishing and a lovely evening talking about locals in Narrandera.

Now I can see clear air.  Heading off to Bateman's Bay to see Brad then heading for Brisbane to catch up with Mary (my sister).

It's been cold overnight here with nice days but the forecast is for colder nights -1 and colder days just 14 so it's a good time to head to the coast.  I think min 10 overnight and 20 during the day should be my expectation and govern where I should be.

Nice drive to Batemans Bay been quite sometime since I've been here and the place, like most coastal places, has grow.  Stopped in a CP on the beach, nice.  Rode the bike and walked heaps.  Went out for dinner with Brad and Kelly (his partner) and had a lovely evening.  Took myself to a very nice restaurant for my birthday.  Now northward bound.

Me and Rocco