Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Narrandera and the Blocks

Still waiting on Royans to get the bin door for the motor home.

I have been spending time in Narrandera cleaning up the two blocks we purchased last year.  Each is about 5000 sq mtrs, one has a pond and both border the irrigation channel.  I have mowed it all and it really does look good.  Purchased a another 20' container now having two I can get in and out of them and use the tools etc, thats much better!

Brad (my son) has been transferred to Bateman's Bay for a month with work so I might go down and see him there just to get away from here for a bit.

I have decided to delay the motorhome repairs and tour a bit then return as Royans say Winnebago are somewhat slow and unresponsive and can't or won't make a commitment on delivery of the bin door.  That's common knowledge in the industry for Winnebago, and does not seem to worry them.

 The Block and the two containers
The driveway