Thursday, November 10, 2016


Planning is harder when you don't have a plan! Knowing how long and how far makes it easier to decide what will be needed. Anyway, the main thing is to get going and what you don't have you probably don't really need, right?

Leisurely mid-morning departure heading north on the Bruce Hwy. Just ~80km to Kandanga. Weather: hot, dry and windy. Hilly closing on Kandanga. A good test for the MH's transmission, brakes, cooling system -all passed. Camped in the center of town, a grassy lot with plenty of shade, a popular free camp. Noted that re-construction of the pub, burnt down December last year, has started. Also worked out what all those strange shapes are on the side of the road and in other unexpected places.

A travel plan starts to firm up based on the weather forecast for the coming days. Hot and getting hotter, the coast is looking good. I know just the spot -the last visit was over four years ago. Nice having a plan.

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