Monday, October 5, 2015

Glass House Mountains - Mt Ngungun

Mt Ngungun.

Timing not that bad, an early start and a drive to Glass House Mountains, arriving before the hordes. Only a few in front of me this morning, about 5 in the car park on Fullertons Rd.

Mt Ngungun is an easy hike on a good track with stairs where required. The last bit, the summit, is across a rocky outcrop that is taken more slowly. But all in all an easy outing taking about 30 mins up and 20 down. Just a few photos from me as there is heaps of stuff on-line -others have already done a more complete job of describing the hike, so I won't.

My advise: get there early as I passed heaps of people on the way down and the car park was full. Mind you it was school holidays.

The last bit.

Looking back from the top.