Friday, September 12, 2014

Meandarra and Glenmorgan Surat Dev Hwy

On to Meandarra on the banks of the Brigalow Creek.  Been here a few times.  Staying a couple of days to do the housework, laundry and relax.  No TV, only Radio National, so the stereo is getting a workout.  Good Internet speed so some Internet radio till...

Well you've got to expect it to happen at some point, even plan for it, test for it, but you are never really ready for it when it does happen. And expect it to happen at a moment of critical need, well that's what I used to tell my clients anyway. Yes folks my smartphone is now a brick. Life without a semi permanent connection to the outside world in my back pocket, not sure about that?

Glenmorgan is a tiny town on the Surat Dev Hwy, pub and general store and well worth stopping for a poke around.  There's an old workshop set up as a museum and enthusiasts could probably spend hours here.  Good spot for an overnight as well as it has facilities with power for a donation.

Need to start coordinating my travel with TV reception to watch the NRL finals. Pub tonight, Rabbitohs v Manly then move on tomorrow and probably a pub tomorrow night to watch Australia v Argentina some place else. Not a lot of free-to-air reception out here.

Camped at Meandarra on the banks of the Brigalow Creek

Meandarra Pub - no Souths or Manly support here! Just me?

Glenmorgan - its like stepping back in time.

Lots to see for the car enthusiast