Friday, September 19, 2014

Dumaresq River and Texas

Stopped in Goondiwindi to provision before pulling into Lee Reserve on the Dumaresq River 25km east of Goondi. I had a good night in a large camping area with just one caravan then early next morning was contemplating staying another night or two when camper trailers arrived in large pools of dust and started to set up right next to me. Around me in fact. All this space and they want my spot? School holidays don't you know! There goes the P&Q.

Turned out to be for the best as I enjoyed a picturesque drive along the river looking at the cotton and large center pivot irrigators in action. And that reminded me of the lyrics of a song: Old Black Joe's still pickin' cotton. A quick photo, find the track on the stereo and turn it up loud and continue on to Texas. I probably 
got one of the best and private sites here at Les Myers reserve with a view of the near empty river and better still TV tonight, NRL finals, yo!                     click on an image to enlarge
Lee Reserve - Sunrise before the camper trailers 

Lee Res. Dumaresq River - NSW over there


Dumaresq River - Texas