Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Moving On.

Anticipation running high.

Been assured the shocks are finally on the plane at LAX. The tyre guy has a new set waiting and the suspension guy has had the new springs for weeks now, so its all go. Just need to get her (the MH) back to Maroochydore. With Debbie dumping rain and flooding along the coast and the slip in overnight temperatures in the highlands, that rules out the M1 and New England, The Newell is the logical alternative. Not one of my favs but...

Went via Coolah and Binnaway, then The Newell to Narrabri. Coolah is an interesting town and its a shame we didn't get a BlazeAid camp up there, Black Stump and all. Deviated from the Newell via Mt Killarney Gap Rd and Mount Kaputar National Park for the night. Then on to Bingara, Texas, and Dalveen. Yep, a night on top of the divide on the New England. A testament to my dislike of The Newell I expect? Now a run down to the coast and then the Bruce. Never know what to expect with that one.

Coolah Pub

Mt Kaputar NP.

Volcanic Piping?

Dumaresq River, Texas. Never seen it this high.