Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Innisfail and all places south.

Time has come the walrus said to speak of many things...  No actually its time to turn around and head south. Didn't quite make 16south, more like 16.5 south at Gordonvale but thats OK

Stopped one night in Innisfail at the wharf car park, OK for one night and did some provisioning next morning before heading for Murray Falls NP.

Murray Falls has a big campground and the sound of the water cascading over the falls was ever present, really nice, some good viewing platforms and walking paths make it a great stop over.

On to Cardwell CP, no pie this time, then Paluma NP and Big Crystal Creek a night at each.  Dumped and provisioned in Townsville and had the urge to keep going on to Reid River.  Charters Towers in the morning walking about rubbernecking then south on the Gregory Dev Hwy to Cape River rest area for a night.  OK for the night but the smell of baking road kill prevailed most of the time, yuk!
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Murray Falls.  note the swimmers.
Murray Falls walkway to the falls viewing platforms
Murray Falls spacious campground