Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Brooms Head

Barely got into the rhythm of driving and here we are. Just 24km. 

Brooms Head on a sunny windless day would be a nice beach destination. Its easy to envisage the place packed out over summer holidays. A really large two section CP right on the beach. A bowling club, general store, lots and lots of holiday rental properties, but not much more.

Windy one day, not so bad the next. But the old girl is covered in salt and it will take some serious cleaning unless we get heavy rain sometime soon.

According to wikipedia Northern Rivers NSW ends about here, tapering away from the coast toward Grafton. Timely as I'm finished with this windy coast. Tick another box or should that be turn the page on Northern Rivers NSW.

Looking south from the headland.

The headland.

Brooms Head beach in front of the CP.